An ideal for a deck that focus on pressuring your opponents to use valuable cards with new cards from V Booster Set 06: Phantasmal Steed Restoration

Grade 3

x4 Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI (V Series)

x4 Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU (V Series)

x2 Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI (V Series)

Grade 2

x4 Left Arrester (V Series)

x4 Right Arrester (V Series)

x3 Swift Archer, FUSHIMI (V Series)

x2 Central Arrester

Grade 1

x4 Stealth Rogue of Summoning, Jiraiya (V Series)

x4 Stealth Beast, Million Rat (V Series)

x2 Jamming Impeder

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