OK, technically I don't leave until early Friday morning, but I'll likely be too busy tomorrow to make this, so yeah. 

So this Saturday is the North America/Latin America Continental Championship.  In case you missed it, I'll be participating as the Vancouver Regional Champion this year.  This will be my first ever Continental Championship, so I'm pretty excited for it.

I'm pretty confident in my skills, but while I'll certainly do my best, I don't anticipate being able to make top 4 as I'm not playing what are probably the top 3 decks of the format: Gear Chronicle, Genesis and Granblue (Who would have imagined those 3 clans on top last year?)

I know how to handle Gears but the match is still not an easy one, though I've won most of the time against it.  Granblue I'm 50/50 against.  Genesis, I lost horribly to last time.

I'm confident I can beat anything else though. 

You never know what will happen though, I'm going to play with confidence and see how far I can get, playing the game my way.  If I can make it to Top 3 and get to play in Worlds, then that would be a dream come true.  But one step at a time. 

If anyone will be in LA this weekend and feels like dropping by at the Crowne Plaza near LAX to see the event, you'll find me wearing a red shirt with the blue vanguard backing on the front (same shirt I wore at Regionals, if you saw pictures of that.)

If I'm not participating in the event, even if it's after the event, I'll be willing to fight anyone who wants to face me. 

The event is open to the public to see, and there are side events people can participate in apparently that don't require you to be an Invited Participant. 

Wish me luck!

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