Hi there, those who are reading this ~~

It's my first blog in the Vanguard wiki. Here, I'd like to propose/suggest to anyone who reads this, about the new clan idea that i have thought about (after several times doing some ridiculous "brainstorming" with my friend). Not sure if any personnel from Bushiroad would read this, but who knows ~~ XP

At first, these (3, in total) clans, is being thought of for each of the unit till the Break Ride only, but I'm going to include the Legion as well.

Here are the clans, as well as the overall concepts for each one:-

>Sky Raiders [スカイレイダース] (Nation: Star Gate)

Clan Description: The clan that conquers the open sky by utilizing the power of the wind. Consists of unit that battles in mid-air (fighter planes, flying machines etc), has the ability of flight, and uses the power of wind to do their bidding.

TCG Mechanics: Utilizes the card effect that sends the opponent's unit from the play field (mostly rear-guards), from the hand, or from the drop zone, back to the Deck.

Unique Races: Skyroid (mostly consist of winged humanoid creatures with the ablity of flight and the manipulation of wind, storm, and tornadoes).

Shared Races: Human, Elf, Battleroid, Demon, Dragonman, Gale Dragon, Insect, Workeroid.

Units Suggestion:

>Gourmet [グールメ] (Nation: United Sanctuary)

Clan Description: Clans that have dedicated their lives in cooking. In order to create the most exquisite dishes, they have applied vast range of cooking techniques that are not only effective, but also "deadly". However, all these cuisines would painfully "cost" anyone wanting to taste them.

TCG Mechanics: Focuses on the method of "mechanics restriction" and "disturbance strategy", such as activating one unit's effect by using opponent's Counter Blast or card(s) in their soul, or restraining your opponent from a particular mechanics, such as drawing cards (either from the trigger unit or normal unit's effect), except during Draw Phase.

Shared Races: Human, Elf, High Beast, Workeroid, Ghost, Angel, Goblin.

>Rogue Champions [ローグチャンピオンス] (Nation: Dark Zone)

Clan Description: The clan that, though most have fallen to the darkness, consist of elites in various sports and games known to man, and beast. Even in their fallen state, they continuously show their passion in the sport that they have mastered in.

TCG Mechanics: Most of this clan's unit has the ability to "switch place" with other unit in battle, even between horizontal circle, and they even gain additional abilities from it. Some unit (mostly Grade 3) has the ability to "switch" with unit in a VC, and even superior riding from the adjacent circle, usually with some restriction like losing "Twin Drive!!" etc.

Shared Races: Demon, Ghost, Succubus, Goblin, Golem, Giant, Gillman, Vampire, Zombie.

...and, that's it for the new clan suggestion ~~. If you have any thoughts, opinion, or even any of your original character design artworks (for any of these clans), feel free to post it on my message wall (give links for the images, i.e. Imgur, pixiv, Photobucket, etc). Thanks for reading ~~ XD.

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