• Terry the Cat

    Makoto began to fade in and out of consciousness while in Convexity. Every time he opened his eyes, he would see Chronojet Dragon there in front of him. One time, when he opened his eyes, he heard a couple of voices.

    "Makoto!" screamed the cat with the helicopter tail.

    "Please, Makoto!" added the rabbit with the speaker ears. "You can't lose now! If you do, the planet Cray will disappear!" Both units were tearing up at the sight of the one who chose to fight for Cray, barely alive, struggling to retain consciousness.

    "She's right," the cat continued. "We've got friends and family across the world. Both in our clan and outside the clan. If you lose, all of that disappears."

    "Baka! Wake up!"

    "Friends…" Makoto tried to say. "Family…"

    "Makoto!" The …

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  • Terry the Cat

    "Stand and draw, then ride!!! Lost Break Dragon!!!" Rex declared. "Then call! Gun-bezel Dragon!"

    He keeps using the same strategy against me that he used against Reiji… Makoto thought to himself. Better keep my guard up…

    "I attack your vanguard!" Rex told Makoto.

    "No guard…"

    "Drive Check, Critical Trigger!"

    "Not good…"

    "I give the power to Gun-bezel, and the critical to the vanguard!"

    "Damage check… second check.. Heal Trigger! Power to the vanguard." Makoto managed to keep himself to two damage with that heal. However, he felt a great pain in his chest. Clutching it in agony, he asked, "What's the big deal?"

    "Here in Convexity, our connections with our units increases hundredfold, maybe even thousandfold," Rex explained to him, smiling. "Naturally, …

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  • Terry the Cat

    The moon is believed by some to be a place that connects Cray to Earth. Somewhere on this ball of rock and dust, the force of destiny linking both worlds flows through, harmonizing the melodies each planet generates. If either planet's melody faltered in any way, both planets would suffer in the long run. However, if both planets cooperate, and their melodies harmonize, then both planets benefit in the long run. Each planet would have a balance of fortune and misfortune. It would be exactly the way it was meant to be.

    On Planet Cray, somewhere inside the Holy Nation, there was a small temple that had been constructed to house a creature of great power. This was the home of the Starburst Dragon, which was currently in a state of deep slumber…

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  • Terry the Cat

    "You seek ultimate perfection, young Reiji," Rex said to him. "The only way to do that is to defeat me."

    "Fine. Whatever." Reiji said as he walked to the table. "Vanguard is about one thing. And that is the strong dominating the weak. And no Vanguard fighter is stronger than I."

    "We will see about that," Rex answered back, as he walked towards the other end of the table.

    "Stand Up! The! Vanguard!" Rex said to his opponent.

    "Stand Up! My! Vanguard!" Reiji did the same.

    Rex's first vanguard appeared surrounded by a dark aura, generated by being poisoned by the Dark Power. "Chrono Dran."

    "Vermillion Gatekeeper."

    Meanwhile, on Planet Cray, a scholarly feline was darting through the halls of the Holy Nation's royal residence. She was very much in a hu…

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  • Terry the Cat

    "I'm going to defeat you, Reiji... FINAL TURN!!!"

    "Final... Turn...?" Makoto finally said something. Reiji only became more agitated.

    "The great flame king who has lived countless lives, rise up to claim what is rightfully yours! Feast on all the enemies of apocalypse! I ride the Vanguard!!! Dragonic Overlord! The Revenge!"

    Within their imaginations, Dragonic Overlord appeared once again, but this time, wrapped in golden armor blazing as the heart of the sun. This was the Revenge.

    "A new Overlord...?" Rex also finally began to speak.

    "This is the ultimate form of Dragonic Overlord," Asahi explained. "A form that appears when one thinks it has embraced defeat, but in reality, it was waiting for its moment to strike. This will finish you!"


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