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    Halfway Through!!

    August 19, 2019 by Terry the Cat

    Since I just finished Chapter 12 of Crossroads, I realized something.

    I'm halfway through the first arc!

    That, and I've already started working on Crossroads: Chapter 0. I think you'll like what I've got planned for that.

    So now comes the question:

    What suggestions do you have for Crossroads in the future?

    I'd like to know what you want to see in Crossroads in the future. It could be suggestions for the regular series or for the Chapter 0 prequel. Leave a comment below and I'll try to incorporate your suggestions into future chapters.

    Oh, and Chapter 13 means I can finally introduce a Shadow Paladin player. Dark Dictator, Mordred, or PBD?

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  • Terry the Cat

    Makoto was in a tough spot. He was not able to call units to his right column, and he could not stand the ones on his left column. However, two things were in Makoto's favor: the number of cards in his hand and the fact that one of them was Starburst Dragon.

    "That was pretty good," Makoto said to his opponent. "But now it's my turn. Spread your wings and take flight, dragon born of starlight!" On Cray, a blazing dragon of light burned away the webs covering the field of battle. "I ride Starburst Dragon!" Gredora and her minions couldn't bear the sight of the shining dragon.

    "Here it is," Agrise observed. "Let's see what you got, Makoto!"

    "With pleasure!" Makoto answered. "Call! Battle Sister, Torte! Starburst Dragon attacks! Its skill activate…

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    Makoto was sleeping on the roof of the Kido Estate. It was probably the first time he could actually sleep since receiving the invitation for the Tournament of Champions.

    Hanako found him just in time.

    "MAKOTO ONII-CHAN! WE NEED TO HURRY!" She had enough years of experience dealing with this nonsense that she could scream loud enough to wake him up.

    "Hana-chaaan... Five more minutes..."

    "Your fight begins in five minutes!" Hanako was not very happy about this. "If Rex Kido finds out you slept through all the other fights today, you'll get disqualified!" Makoto finally woke up at that point.

    "Hana-chan! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?!" Makoto finally asked.

    "I would have if I could find you!" Hanako answered. "You only overslept by six hours,…

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  • Terry the Cat

    The announcement of the Shinemon arc and the fact that we may as well get a G reboot in some form has really made me consider what happened between the current series and Crossroads. Since I started work on this series before any indication that a G reboot was even possible, I thought the backstory would be pretty simple.

    However, with that nearly inevitable G reboot coming closer, the more I think about it, the more it annoys me. I am thinking about doing a side series to what I'm currently working on. That would help me keep Crossroads more consistent with what happened in the past. With now not just one series but three to consider whenever I talk about the past, I think this is a necessary move. I don't want to get trapped in being too s…

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    "JACK SHIMANO, REPORT TO THE FIGHT ROOM IMMEDIATELY." The small crowd waited in anticipation to catch a glimpse of this fighter.


    "I told you a million times that is not my name!" a voice cried out in the distance. Everyone looked around the room to try to find where the voice was coming from. Makoto may have been the first to spot him. He was a small child, possibly younger than Hanako, sitting on a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. How he got there, no one really knows.

    "I am the shadow that haunts your nightmares, the Copycat Fighter!" The boy leapt from his perch and landed on the ground on all fours. He wore a mask and hood that made his head appear much larger than it probably was. It concealed his true identity, s…

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