The announcement of the Shinemon arc and the fact that we may as well get a G reboot in some form has really made me consider what happened between the current series and Crossroads. Since I started work on this series before any indication that a G reboot was even possible, I thought the backstory would be pretty simple.

However, with that nearly inevitable G reboot coming closer, the more I think about it, the more it annoys me. I am thinking about doing a side series to what I'm currently working on. That would help me keep Crossroads more consistent with what happened in the past. With now not just one series but three to consider whenever I talk about the past, I think this is a necessary move. I don't want to get trapped in being too speculative. That's a really common mistake when someone does something like what I'm doing that deals with a franchise "in the future". Maybe I'm being too paranoid about it and should just relax, maaaan...

But at the same time, I'd also like to have some fun with this side series, so I'm inviting all of you to contribute. Each of you can contribute something to the backstory of Crossroads of Destiny. Just remember to be serious about it. This might be a fanfiction, but I still want it to be realistic.

Have fun! I know I'm gonna try to.

- Terry

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