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  • Xeamnz

    Off Topic: Old Pokemon Idea

    December 5, 2014 by Xeamnz

    So, finished up alpha sapphire the other day, and while i was playing, i was reminded of an idea from my childhood - Pokemon supersuits. What i mean by that is, basically a supersuit that would let a person use pokemon moves. Actually funnily enough, back when i was a kid do you wanta know the name of the character i was giving that suit to? Xeamnz. That was the first time i used the name lol. 

    ANYWAY, the reason im making a blof about this: I thought id slighly adjust the concept, and then post it out to see how various people would do their suits.

    The Rules

    1. Limit 4 moves, just like in pokemon games. 

    2. No Legendary unique moves, like aeroblast, sacred fire, judgement, roar of time, etc - you know which moves these are. Lets also keep out…

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  • Xeamnz

    Legion Mate: Hikari Style!

    September 5, 2014 by Xeamnz

    So...I have no idea who they are talking about, but some of the wiki members were on a wall talking about someone named "hikari 93" going missing. No idea who that is, but anyway looks like writer7 and company want to form a team of mates to go find this unknown guy. I dont know whether they want to do a roleplay with it or a fanfiction yet, but i figured id at least organize the information of who on the wiki fills the roles of which characters - as shopkeeper shin, thats my job right?

    Aichi - Hikari 93


    Kai - Writer7

    Naoki - Cura

    Misaki - Chalice

    Kamui - Tachikaze Master

    Miwa - RivertoRue

    Quatre Knights

    Gaillard - Violet Pluto

    Neve -

    Ratie -

    Cerra - Brandy

    Kourin - Zoroark555

    Morris - Sorin

    Foo Fighters

    Ren - Sol Kage

    Tetsu -

    Asaka -

    Soryu Clan

    Leon -


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  • Xeamnz

    This is so off topic, but im looking for advice of any kind here, and this is a community that at least uses computers a lot, so figured id ask here xd. My laptop is roughly 3.5 years old, and has been having issues for a while but is really starting to shoot craps lately.

    So, My question is what would you guys reccomend to look for in my next computer? Here's the details on my current one, obviously my goal is to get an at least slightly better machine this time (particularly a better video card, but also just a stronger processor as well).

    Manufacturer - HP

    Model - HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz

    Ram - 4 GB

    System type - 64 bit

    Windows 7

    Video card - Mobile Intel(R) HD Graphics

    So basically im lo…

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  • Xeamnz

    So as many of you guys know, I am a big fan of league of legends. LOL was actually a big reason i quit this place for a while, however i got out of it for a while (most of the summer actually), but am now getting back into it. Anyway, I know there are a few other LOL players on the wiki, so i figured hey if we have pokemon, yugioh, super smash bros, etc blogs, why not LOL lol (pun intended).

    The point of this blog? whatever we want it to be xd :P. I intended it so we could meet more people online, share build ideas, introduce new players to the game, share news, whatnot. Heck, wiki ranked team? naw, probably a bad idea xd, but the idea is this blog will be what we want it to be.

    Im gonna start with simply asking your summoner name, region, s…

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  • Xeamnz

    Sword Art Online 2

    July 5, 2014 by Xeamnz

    Since ive had some other slightly off topic blogs do pretty well, figure id throw this one out there - Sword Art Online 2 is out on crunchyroll in about 11 hours from this blog's creation.

    If youve read the manga/light novels, please no spoilers. But yeah...otherwise i guess the point of this blog is just to see who all else is looking forward to it.

    the above link has a link to the ep when thats up, though youll have to be a crunchy member to watch it when it comes out - however, more importantly there are 3 little 30 second advertising clips, if anyone wants to see those. (PV, PV 2, PV 3).

    My initial thoughts? Its gonna take a while to get used to an anime with "sword" in its name using guns a lot,…

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