not exactly vanguard related, but is among members of the vg community so i hope the admins will allow it since like i said, its not a vg thing, but its a vg player thing.

anyway, whatever you want to chat about with other people about pokemon post here.

On a side note, this blog used to have 8,500+ comments - when i renamed it anticipating AS/OR coming out, it deleted almost all the previous comments - so when you see the comment amount on here, keep in mind that its technically that + 8,500 more :P.

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Xeamnz Xeamnz 4914-3285-8955 Duosion, Munna, Espurr
Xeamnz (cheap 2ds) bob 3798-0716-2144 ??. ??. ??

If you want your FC code posted on here, explicitly state so.

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