ZippyDaMew ZippyDaMew 8 April 2017

Other Games or Ideas?

Hi there!  I need all of your help.

My friend has grown rather bored of playing Vanguard, for whatever reason, and is in need of new game.  We would prefer it be something that we can play together as well.  We have played yugioh, MTG, Wixoss, and Vanguard.  He won't play other card games. 

My question is, do any of you have any game suggestions that would be relatively cheap or free for us to try together?  We are in desperate need of something to do and play.

Please, help.  Thank you all so much for reading this and sorry if I wasted your time.

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ZippyDaMew ZippyDaMew 7 January 2017

Anime Youtube Ideas

Hey there!  If your reading this, then thank you!

My name is ZippyDaMew, but just call me Zippy, and I am starting up a Youtube channel for anime, manga, and anything else otaku related.  The only problem is that I can be very indecisive when it comes to ideas.  That is what I want your help with!

I have noticed that a fair amount (probably more) of this community is into anime.  So I was wondering what kind of content the people in the anime community would want to see on a youtube channel.  Yes I know that there are many other youtube channels built around this type of content, but just looking at those channels makes me feel like I am stealing their ideas.

Tommorow, January 7, I plan to upload a video that is similar to what I am asking he…

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ZippyDaMew ZippyDaMew 26 November 2016

College decisions anyone?

I start college soon and I have realized that I don't know much about it.  It is hard to find good information on programs and degrees that a lot of schools offer as well.

I believe that I want to go to school for something along the lines of web and/or graphic design.  I love things that are aesthetically pleasing and would love having classes that would allow me to improve my drawing skills.  (I don't think that I am very good, but a represenative from an art school said that I had good potential).  It would also be nice to draw in many art styles and have some animation classes too.

Enough on me though, I was wondering what anyone of your experiences in college were like, or plans/thoughts about college.  Why did you pick your major and d…

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ZippyDaMew ZippyDaMew 23 October 2016

What do you play different?

Every deck, and clan as a whole, has a certain way to play it.  Or does it?

There are many different choices that can go into building a deck, but not everyone makes those same decisions when building a deck.  So, my question is, what decks do you all play differently than most other people or different card choices and why?

I for one play Pale Moon slightly different than most people do as of now.  Instead of using Cat Knight in High Boots as a starter for most games, I still use Happiness Collector at all times and son't play the Cat Knight.  I like having a booster without wasting my hand so early and she helps with that.  I also see no point in many of the strides when you have already called a full field anyways, so why use the Cat Knig…

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ZippyDaMew ZippyDaMew 20 October 2016

What to do with my life

I am a senior in high school and I still am very unsure of what I want to do in college.  I have looked into the few majors and careers that have caught my interest, only to throw away those ideas within a week or two.

As of now, I am thinking of trying to open a card shop with 2 friends of mine.  To us, and to a few shop owners that I have talked to, owning a card shop sounds like a fun job.  We know that it won't be easy, and that is what worries me.  I can get anxiety about things, and I have no idea how to reliably start one and then keep it running properly either.

I am currently thinking of majoring in Marketing to help with some of this, but I am unsure that, if the card shop doesn't work, I would like a job in marketing or using thos…

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