Hey there!  If your reading this, then thank you!

My name is ZippyDaMew, but just call me Zippy, and I am starting up a Youtube channel for anime, manga, and anything else otaku related.  The only problem is that I can be very indecisive when it comes to ideas.  That is what I want your help with!

I have noticed that a fair amount (probably more) of this community is into anime.  So I was wondering what kind of content the people in the anime community would want to see on a youtube channel.  Yes I know that there are many other youtube channels built around this type of content, but just looking at those channels makes me feel like I am stealing their ideas.

Tommorow, January 7, I plan to upload a video that is similar to what I am asking here, after that I plan on having 2-3 videos a week uploaded.  If you would like to know anything else then please, feel free to ask me!  I hope to hear from the community about what its members would like to see.

Here is link to my channel too if your interested! 

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