Every deck, and clan as a whole, has a certain way to play it.  Or does it?

There are many different choices that can go into building a deck, but not everyone makes those same decisions when building a deck.  So, my question is, what decks do you all play differently than most other people or different card choices and why?

I for one play Pale Moon slightly different than most people do as of now.  Instead of using Cat Knight in High Boots as a starter for most games, I still use Happiness Collector at all times and son't play the Cat Knight.  I like having a booster without wasting my hand so early and she helps with that.  I also see no point in many of the strides when you have already called a full field anyways, so why use the Cat Knight and then have vanilla strides most of the game?  Sure they fulfill the same goal, but in my opinion that small change in early game can make a big difference and makes me feel better about striding and not wasting skills/not using them to the max.

Another example is that I still play Thousand Ray and Million Ray Pegasus in my Gavrail deck to help against rush, because being rushed can really hurt Gavrail because you have less chances to use Gavrail's GB2 and Raphael means less when you have been rushed so early (at least to me).

So, what is it that you play or do that most other people don't usually do in their decks?  Do you do it because you prefer it, like the art, or any other reason?  I can't wait to hear your responces!

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