I actually got to agree with GZ reasoning, it was just rush heck even them already having the zeroth dragons was rush it would've been a interesting season if they had to search for them during the season. I actually like the slow build up for link joker and helps build up why Kai went reverse for more strength, especially since that's what he always seek more of throughout season 1 and 2. Don't really have a opinion on v series stop watching it due to other anime interests going on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Next was pretty good overall with returning characters same with Gear crisis. Stride gate was alright for what its worth demiurge being a busted stride if pulled off with the Chrono and Ryuzu being decent ending for the season. Legion was just purely too rush imo and was sorta expanding on u knowing link joker arc, besides the mechanic as well wish it had more build up near the beginning and more episodes to make up for it the ending of the season near the tail end was pretty alright.

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