Lets see, i think i have one glass set, the rest are either some kind of porcelain (i think, not quite sure xd) or plastic (yeah I know cheap, those are two themed ones and I have more for amusing themes than coolness).

Apart from the set my parents got from hong knog when I was young, i rarely use my collection sets. In fact the only reason i used that one was because it was my only set growing up...kinda regeret that, since now the pieces are all dinged up xd. It would have been my nicest set in good condition, but its well used. But primarily when playing I use my travel set that I used when i played competively in high school - its well suited for wear and tear, and is tournament regulation (or rather was...then i replaced the board to a more custom board once i left high school, but it still close to tourney regulation xd).

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