one piece still going

mha has a new season coming out in 3 days

Black clover just started a new season

jojos confirmed that their adapting part 6 in 2020

sao is the same thing as my hero academia and thts running for 26 episodes atleast since the new season guarenteed 50

(removed due to content) final season is coming in 2020

d gray man is on hiatus rn becasue the current arc is still being written in the manga ill give you that

and ill give u index because we dont kno if its going to continue

demon slayers having a movie slated to premiere next year adapting the next arc after the anime

fire force is coming back on friday after a 2 week hiatus and itll run for 24 episodes

2 are in the wind but the other 8 are still ongoing. i the reason the big three was the big three was besides high ratings they also had a high number of volumes sold an published. if a series takes a break its usually because the series caught up to the manga at its current point and is waiting for the arc to finish publishing before continuing it becasue after all anime is adaptations of manga

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