"Utsugi Kiba" is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G, and currently the chairman of Kiba Corporation, after taking it from his own brother.



He is seen firstly in the anime on Kiba family's ritual of pointing the new heir, sitting besides Shion's Mother. His cellphone rings in the middle of the ritual, and he clumsily dropped it in the middle of the hall.

After the ceremony is over, he congratulates Shion, only to get scolded by his own brother for investing in what he called as nonsense. Luckily for him, his sister-in-law is there in order to stop it from continuing.

After that, he is seen talking to Ace on the phone, denying to do something impossible, but after being threaten, he agrees to do it. Asked by Shion on that matter, he claims that it was nothing.

He then steals the Kiba family's inheritance, the Sword of Radiance, and leaving his cellphone so that it would seem as he was kidnapped.

During the fight between Shion and Ace, he holds the Sword, as it glows bright. The legend said that the sword will emit a radiance when the true heir of Kiba family holds the sword, thus interrupting Shion's focus, which leads to his defeat. Then he tells Shion that he was just faking the kidnapping, and the radiance from the sword is just LED.

After successfully taking over to corporation, Ace gives him a letter from Ace's boss, with the Gear Chronicle insignia sealing the envelop.

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