"Unite! Team Q4" is the 1st V-icon Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.




Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-BT01/001 King of Knights, Alfred 3 Royal Paladin Force VR+SVR
V-BT01/002 Imperial Daughter 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect VR+SVR
V-BT01/003 Dragonic Waterfall 3 Kagero Force VR+SVR
V-BT01/004 Perfect Raizer 3 Nova Grappler Accel VR+SVR
V-BT01/005 Soul Saver Dragon 3 Royal Paladin Force RRR
V-BT01/006 High Dog Breeder, Akane 2 Royal Paladin RRR
V-BT01/007 CEO Amaterasu 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect RRR+OR
V-BT01/008 Silent Tom 2 Oracle Think Tank RRR
V-BT01/009 Circle Magus 1 Oracle Think Tank RRR
V-BT01/010 Berserk Dragon 2 Kagero RRR
V-BT01/011 Flame of Hope, Aermo 1 Kagero RRR
V-BT01/012 Asura Kaiser 3 Nova Grappler Accel RRR+OR
V-BT01/013 Conjurer of Mithril 2 Royal Paladin RR
V-BT01/014 Little Sage, Marron 1 Royal Paladin RR
V-BT01/015 Flash Shield, Iseult 0 Royal Paladin Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT01/016 Victorious Deer 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect RR
V-BT01/017 Promise Daughter 2 Oracle Think Tank RR
V-BT01/018 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist 0 Oracle Think Tank Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT01/019 Cruel Dragon 3 Kagero Force RR
V-BT01/020 Dragonic Gaias 1 Kagero RR
V-BT01/021 Wyvern Guard, Barri 0 Kagero Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT01/022 Hi-powered Raizer Custom 2 Nova Grappler RR
V-BT01/023 Raizer Custom 1 Nova Grappler RR
V-BT01/024 Twin Blader 0 Nova Grappler Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT01/025 Funelgal 2 Royal Paladin R
V-BT01/026 Knight of Rose, Morgana 1 Royal Paladin R
V-BT01/027 Pongal 1 Royal Paladin R
V-BT01/028 Yellow Witch, MeMe 2 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT01/029 Goddess of Insight, Sotoorihime 2 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT01/030 Oracle Guardian, Gemini 1 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT01/031 Farfalle Magus 1 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT01/032 Ruote Magus 1 Oracle Think Tank Perfect Guard R
V-BT01/033 Vortex Dragon 3 Kagero R
V-BT01/034 Prowling Dragon, Striken 2 Kagero R
V-BT01/035 Bellicosity Dragon 2 Kagero R
V-BT01/036 Lizard Soldier, Raopia 1 Kagero R
V-BT01/037 Battledore Fighter 3 Nova Grappler Accel R
V-BT01/038 Miss Splendor 3 Nova Grappler R
V-BT01/039 Burstraizer 2 Nova Grappler R
V-BT01/040 Boomerang Thrower 2 Nova Grappler R
V-BT01/041 Hate Reflector 1 Nova Grappler Perfect Guard R
V-BT01/042 Gigantech Charger 3 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/043 Knight of Devotion, Bergius 2 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/044 Herculean Knight, Allobrox 2 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/045 Radical Knight, Anil 1 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/046 Miru Biru 1 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/047 Lion Mane Stallion 1 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/048 Giro 0 Royal Paladin C
V-BT01/049 Battle Maiden, Sarasa 3 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/050 Resolute Maiden, Chitose 3 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/051 Weather Girl, Saft 2 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/052 Solid Turtle 2 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/053 Goddess of Tide of Times, Mizunohame 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/054 Petal Fairy 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/055 Shooting Hobby 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/056 Luck Bird 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/057 Whiteness Rabbit 0 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/058 Lozenge Magus 0 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT01/059 Oracle Guardian, Nike 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical C
V-BT01/060 Psychic Bird 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical C
V-BT01/061 Miracle Kid 0 Oracle Think Tank Draw C
V-BT01/062 Sphere Magus 0 Oracle Think Tank Heal C
V-BT01/063 Spillover Dragon 2 Kagero C
V-BT01/064 Flame of Destruction, Verbti 2 Kagero C
V-BT01/065 Dominance Dragon 1 Kagero C
V-BT01/066 Instigate Griffon 1 Kagero C
V-BT01/067 Great Bombing of Hellfire, Gabija 1 Kagero C
V-BT01/068 Fright Lock 0 Kagero C
V-BT01/069 Maximum Raizer 3 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/070 Iron Killer 2 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/071 Cup Bowler 2 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/072 Death Army Guy 1 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/073 Transraizer 1 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/074 Rocket Hammer Man 1 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/075 Jetraizer 1 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/076 Tap the Hyper 0 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/077 Battleraizer 0 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/078 Cat Butler 0 Nova Grappler C
V-BT01/079 Shining Lady 0 Nova Grappler Critical C
V-BT01/080 Red Lightning 0 Nova Grappler Critical C
V-BT01/081 Three Minutes 0 Nova Grappler Draw C
V-BT01/082 Cannon Ball 0 Nova Grappler Front C
V-BT01/083 Turboraizer 0 Nova Grappler Front C
V-BT01/084 Wall Boy 0 Nova Grappler Heal C
V-BT01/I01 Blaster Blade 2 Royal Paladin IMR+OR
V-BT01/OR03 Dragonic Overlord 3 Kagero Force OR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin 2 6 5(+1) 3 - 16(+1)
Oracle Think Tank 7 8 6 5 - 26
Kagero 2 6 5 3(+1) - 16(+1)
Nova Grappler 10 6 5 5 - 26

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