"Strongest! Team AL4" is the 2nd V-icon Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.


  • Includes 84 cards (4 VR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 17 R and 43 C) + 9 Parallel cards (4 SVR, 4 OR, 1 IMR).
    • Each display includes 1 VR.
  • Includes 4 SCR Gift Markers with illustrations featuring the characters and hot-stamp signatures of those characters' voice actors.
  • Each carton includes a Team AL4 rubber playmat (Japanese version only).
  • Each display includes 16 packs, and each carton includes 20 displays.
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, two of them being R or greater.
  • Each display includes a Force, Accel and Protect Gift Marker, with one of them having a unit illustration.
  • Includes support for the Shadow Paladin, Murakumo, Dark Irregulars and Pale Moon clans.
  • The package illustration features Ren Suzugamori, Tetsu Shinjou, Asaka Narumi, Kyou Yahagi and Phantom Blaster Dragon.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-BT02/001 Phantom Blaster Dragon Shadow Paladin Force VR+SVR
V-BT02/002 Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU Murakumo Accel VR+SVR
V-BT02/003 No Life King, Death Anchor Dark Irregulars Protect VR+SVR
V-BT02/004 Golden Beast Tamer Pale Moon Accel VR+SVR
V-BT02/005 Darkness Maiden, Macha Shadow Paladin RRR+OR
V-BT02/006 Black Sage, Charon Shadow Paladin RRR
V-BT02/007 Skull Witch, Nemain Shadow Paladin RRR
V-BT02/008 Swift Archer, FUSHIMI Murakumo RRR+OR
V-BT02/009 Gwynn the Ripper Dark Irregulars RRR+OR
V-BT02/010 Vroukalakas Dark Irregulars RRR
V-BT02/011 Nightmare Doll, Alice Pale Moon Accel RRR+OR
V-BT02/012 Purple Trapezist Pale Moon RRR
V-BT02/013 Blaster Rapier Shadow Paladin RR
V-BT02/014 Blaster Dagger Shadow Paladin RR
V-BT02/015 Dark Shield, Mac Lir Shadow Paladin DrawPG RR
V-BT02/016 Covert Demonic Dragon, Mandala Lord Murakumo Accel RR
V-BT02/017 Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI Murakumo Accel RR
V-BT02/018 Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage Murakumo DrawPG RR
V-BT02/019 Demon Eater Dark Irregulars Protect RR
V-BT02/020 Doreen the Thruster Dark Irregulars RR
V-BT02/021 March Rabbit of Nightmareland Dark Irregulars DrawPG RR
V-BT02/022 Artilleryman Pale Moon Accel RR
V-BT02/023 Jumping Jill Pale Moon RR
V-BT02/024 Hades Hypnotist Pale Moon DrawPG RR
V-BT02/025 Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar Shadow Paladin Force R
V-BT02/026 Cursed Lancer Shadow Paladin R
V-BT02/027 Stealth Beast, Bloody Mist Murakumo R
V-BT02/028 Right Arrester Murakumo R
V-BT02/029 Left Arrester Murakumo R
V-BT02/030 Stealth Beast, Million Rat Murakumo R
V-BT02/031 Stealth Fiend, Hamper Gapper Murakumo Perfect Guard R
V-BT02/032 Ghoulish Despoiler Dark Irregulars Protect R
V-BT02/033 Werwolf Sieger Dark Irregulars R
V-BT02/034 Blood Sacrifice, Ruthven Dark Irregulars R
V-BT02/035 Prisoner Beast Dark Irregulars R
V-BT02/036 Succubus of Dedicated Love Dark Irregulars Perfect Guard R
V-BT02/037 Nitro Juggler Pale Moon R
V-BT02/038 Magical Boxtreamer Pale Moon R
V-BT02/039 Starting Presenter Pale Moon R
V-BT02/040 Midnight Bunny Pale Moon R
V-BT02/041 Entire Monkey Pale Moon Perfect Guard R
V-BT02/042 Fiery Knight, Loeg Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/043 Reclusive Knight, Aengus Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/044 Tragic Knight, Cathbad Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/045 Mage of Destruction, Feidlech Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/046 Invest Falcon Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/047 Abyss Router Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/048 Nightmare Painter Shadow Paladin C
V-BT02/049 Stealth Fiend, Hyakume Shadow Murakumo C
V-BT02/050 Stealth Dragon, Magai Mandala Murakumo C
V-BT02/051 Stealth Dragon, Soukoku Zapper Murakumo C
V-BT02/052 Stealth Dragon, Turbulent Edge Murakumo C
V-BT02/053 Stealth Rogue of Silence, Shijimamaru Murakumo C
V-BT02/054 Stealth Dragon, Amatsu Snipe Murakumo C
V-BT02/055 Stealth Beast, Cat Devil Murakumo C
V-BT02/056 Stealth Beast, Moon Edge Murakumo Critical C
V-BT02/057 Stealth Dragon, Zanba Rider Murakumo Critical C
V-BT02/058 Stealth Beast, Cat Rouge Murakumo Draw C
V-BT02/059 Fox Tamer, Izuna Murakumo Front C
V-BT02/060 Stealth Beast, Ahead Panther Murakumo Front C
V-BT02/061 Stealth Fiend, Yukihime Murakumo Heal C
V-BT02/062 Terrifying Fist Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/063 Obstacle Offender Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/064 Succubus of Seductive Smile Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/065 Werbear Verfolger Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/066 Werwolf Freiwilliger Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/067 Anomalous Esper Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/068 Vermillion Gatekeeper Dark Irregulars C
V-BT02/069 Werluchs Gefreiter Dark Irregulars Critical C
V-BT02/070 Blitzritter Dark Irregulars Critical C
V-BT02/071 Hysteric Shirley Dark Irregulars Draw C
V-BT02/072 Cursed Doctor Dark Irregulars Heal C
V-BT02/073 Comicality Chimera Pale Moon C
V-BT02/074 Amaranth Beast Tamer Pale Moon C
V-BT02/075 Dancing Knifedancer Pale Moon C
V-BT02/076 Dark Metal Bicorn Pale Moon C
V-BT02/077 Fluster Cadet Pale Moon C
V-BT02/078 Entertain Messenger Pale Moon C
V-BT02/079 Dynamite Juggler Pale Moon Critical C
V-BT02/080 Poison Juggler Pale Moon Critical C
V-BT02/081 Rainbow Magician Pale Moon Draw C
V-BT02/082 Skyhigh Walker Pale Moon Front C
V-BT02/083 Hoop Magician Pale Moon Front C
V-BT02/084 Candy Clown Pale Moon Heal C
V-BT02/I01 Blaster Dark Shadow Paladin IMR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Shadow Paladin 1 6 6(+1) 3 - 16(+1)
Murakumo 8 6 5 4 - 23
Dark Irregulars 6 6 6 4 - 22
Pale Moon 8 6 5 4 - 23

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