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==Confirmed Cards==
==Confirmed Cards==
{{CardListV|V-BT03/???|Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki|1|Nubatama||}}
{{CardListV|V-BT03/???|Stealth Dragon, Kurogane|0|Nubatama|Critical|}}
{{CardListV|V-BT03/???|Stealth Beast, Tobihiko|0|Nubatama|Critical|}}
{{CardListV|V-BT03/???|Wyvern Guard, Guld|0|Narukami|DrawPG|}}
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"Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club" is the 3rd V-icon Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.




Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-BT03/001 Monarch Sanctuary Alfred Royal Paladin Force VR+SVR
V-BT03/002 Pentagonal Magus Oracle Think Tank Protect VR+SVR
V-BT03/003 Raven-haired Ezel Gold Paladin Accel VR+SVR
V-BT03/004 Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm Nubatama Protect VR+SVR
V-BT03/005 Detonix Drill Dragon Narukami Accel VR+SVR
V-BT03/006 Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere Royal Paladin RRR
V-BT03/007 Knight of Friendship, Kay Royal Paladin RRR
V-BT03/008 Scarlet Witch, CoCo Oracle Think Tank Protect RRR
V-BT03/009 Tetra Magus Oracle Think Tank RRR
V-BT03/010 Great Silver Wolf, Garmore Gold Paladin Accel RRR
V-BT03/011 Stealth Dragon, Magatsu Gale Nubatama RRR
V-BT03/012 Detonix Stinger Dragon Narukami Accel RRR
V-BT03/013 Dragonic Deathscythe Narukami RRR
V-BT03/014 Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes Royal Paladin Force RR
V-BT03/015 RR
V-BT03/016 Wisteria Witch, ZoZo Oracle Think Tank Protect RR
V-BT03/017 Rhombus Magus Oracle Think Tank RR
V-BT03/018 Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel Gold Paladin RR
V-BT03/019 Crimson Lion Beast, Howell Gold Paladin RR
V-BT03/020 Shura Stealth Dragon, Kujikiricongo Nubatama Protect RR
V-BT03/021 Stealth Dragon, Magatsu Breath Nubatama RR
V-BT03/022 Stealth Beast, Mijingakure Nubatama DrawPG RR
V-BT03/023 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion Narukami Accel RR
V-BT03/024 Rising Phoenix Narukami RR
V-BT03/025 Narukami RR
V-BT03/026 Gifted Knight, Emris Royal Paladin R
V-BT03/027 R
V-BT03/028 Stellar Magus Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT03/029 Topaz Witch, PiPi Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT03/030 Sprout Witch, LoLo Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT03/031 Knight of Exhaustion, Azerus Gold Paladin R
V-BT03/032 Knight of Energetic Steel, Blennius Gold Paladin R
V-BT03/033 R
V-BT03/034 Stealth Rogue of a Thousand Blades, Oborozakura Nubatama R
V-BT03/035 Stealth Rogue of the Night, Sakurafubuki Nubatama R
V-BT03/036 Stealth Fiend, Oboro Cart Nubatama R
V-BT03/037 Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster Nubatama R
V-BT03/038 R
V-BT03/039 Dusty Plasma Dragon Narukami R
V-BT03/040 Hammerknuckle Dragon Narukami R
V-BT03/041 Lightning of Hope, Helena Narukami R
V-BT03/042 Demolition Dragon Narukami R
V-BT03/043 Royal Paladin C
V-BT03/044 Royal Paladin C
V-BT03/045 Espagal Royal Paladin C
V-BT03/046 Shiftgal Royal Paladin C
V-BT03/047 C
V-BT03/048 C
V-BT03/049 C
V-BT03/050 C
V-BT03/051 Briolette Magus Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT03/052 Phoenix Wings Miko, Chizuru Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT03/053 Miko of Elegance, Fumino Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT03/054 Crescent Magus Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT03/055 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT03/056 Semilunar Magus Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT03/057 Knight of Great Strength, Belanas Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/058 Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/059 Knight of Civilization, Villegas Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/060 Direcgal Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/061 Bowled Sparrow Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/062 Knight of Counterattack, Diggeirus Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/063 Charjgal Gold Paladin C
V-BT03/064 Stealth Beast, Kokushigarasu Nubatama C
V-BT03/065 Shura Stealth Dragon, Kabukicongo Nubatama C
V-BT03/066 Stealth Dragon, Dam Breach Nubatama C
V-BT03/067 Nubatama C
V-BT03/068 Nubatama C
V-BT03/069 Nubatama C
V-BT03/070 Nubatama C
V-BT03/071 Stealth Dragon, Magatsu Wind Nubatama C
V-BT03/072 Nubatama C
V-BT03/073 Nubatama C
V-BT03/074 Nubatama C
V-BT03/075 Nubatama C
V-BT03/076 Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime Nubatama Heal C
V-BT03/077 C
V-BT03/078 C
V-BT03/079 Tempestuous Domineering Wyvern Narukami C
V-BT03/080 Narukami C
V-BT03/081 Dragon Dancer, Regina Narukami C
V-BT03/082 Elec Chase Dracokid Narukami C
V-BT03/083 Malevolent Djinn Narukami Critical C
V-BT03/084 Dragon Dancer, Catharina Narukami Front C
V-BT03/I01 Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel Gold Paladin Accel IMR
V-BT03/I02 Lozenge Magus Oracle Think Tank IMR
V-BT03/Re:01 Blaster Blade Royal Paladin SP

Confirmed Cards

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-BT03/??? Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki Nubatama
V-BT03/??? Stealth Dragon, Kurogane Nubatama Critical
V-BT03/??? Stealth Beast, Tobihiko Nubatama Critical
V-BT03/??? Wyvern Guard, Guld Narukami DrawPG

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin
Oracle Think Tank
Gold Paladin

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