Silverdust Blaze is the 8th V-icon.png Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-BT08/001 Alter Ego Messiah 3 Link Joker Force VR+SP
V-BT08/002 Dragonic Overlord "The X" 3 Kagero Force VR+SP
V-BT08/003 Dragonic Blademaster "Souen" 3 Kagero Force VR+SP
V-BT08/004 Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect VR+SP
V-BT08/005 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop 3 Dimension Police Force VR+SP
V-BT08/006 Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect RRR+SP
V-BT08/007 Goddess of Running Water, Ichikishima 2 Oracle Think Tank RRR+SP
V-BT08/008 Divine Sword, Ame-no-Murakumo 1 Oracle Think Tank RRR+SP
V-BT08/009 Igniroad Dragon 2 Kagero RRR+SP
V-BT08/010 Heatshot Dragon 1 Kagero RRR+SP
V-BT08/011 Lava Flow Dragon 1 Kagero RRR+SP
V-BT08/012 Black-clad Top-tier Deity, Bradblack 3 Dimension Police Force RRR+SP
V-BT08/013 Cosmic Hero, Grandrope 1 Dimension Police RRR+SP
V-BT08/014 Genesis Machine Deity, Volkogode 4 Link Joker RRR+SP
V-BT08/015 Lady Fencer of Matter Transmission 2 Link Joker RRR+SP
V-BT08/016 Lady Battler of the White Dwarf 1 Link Joker RRR+SP
V-BT08/017 Goddess of Abundant Crops, Otogosahime 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect RR
V-BT08/018 Diviner, Kuroikazuchi 2 Oracle Think Tank RR
V-BT08/019 Divine Sword, Kusanagi 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical/
Sentinel Shield
V-BT08/020 Torridcannon Dragon 2 Kagero RR
V-BT08/021 Dragon Dancer, Farja 2 Kagero RR
V-BT08/022 Dragon Knight, Jannat 0 Kagero Critical/
Sentinel Shield
V-BT08/023 Metalborg, Sin Buster 3 Dimension Police Force RR+SP
V-BT08/024 Metalborg, Ur Buster 2 Dimension Police RR+SP
V-BT08/025 Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat 0 Dimension Police Critical/
Sentinel Shield
V-BT08/026 Screening Deletor, Ydoga 3 Link Joker Force RR
V-BT08/027 Counterkill Strike, Gastorur 2 Link Joker RR
V-BT08/028 Blink Messiah 0 Link Joker Critical/
Sentinel Shield
V-BT08/029 Battle Sister, Praline 3 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT08/030 Padparadscha Witch, GiGi 3 Oracle Think Tank Protect R
V-BT08/031 Diviner, Yachimatahiko 2 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT08/032 Offset Angel 1 Oracle Think Tank R
V-BT08/033 Oddness-ardor Dragon 3 Kagero Force R
V-BT08/034 Dragon Knight, Ishaq 3 Kagero Force R
V-BT08/035 Intense-aim Dragon 1 Kagero R
V-BT08/036 Dragon Dancer, Soja 1 Kagero R
V-BT08/037 Super Dimensional Robo, Daiarm 3 Dimension Police Force R
V-BT08/038 Cosmic Hero, Grandvolver 2 Dimension Police R
V-BT08/039 Dimensional Robo, Daidumper 2 Dimension Police R
V-BT08/040 Dimensional Robo, Daijacker 1 Dimension Police R
V-BT08/041 Dimensional Robo, Daiscooper 1 Dimension Police R
V-BT08/042 Whitemarder, Jact 3 Link Joker Force R
V-BT08/043 Ditto Deletor, Baon 3 Link Joker R
V-BT08/044 Bending Solid-hit, Vanmaanen 1 Link Joker R
V-BT08/045 Hire Deletor, Farwon 1 Link Joker R
V-BT08/046 Clear Frame "Whirling Wash of Curse Cleansing" 3 Normal Order R
V-BT08/047 Sapient Angel 2 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT08/048 Battle Maiden, Kikka 2 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT08/049 Battle Sister, Alfenim 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT08/050 Diviner, Muto 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT08/051 Director Angel 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT08/052 Battle Maiden, Tsubaki 1 Oracle Think Tank C
V-BT08/053 Solar Maiden, Uzume 0 Oracle Think Tank C+SP
V-BT08/054 Oracle Guardian, Nike 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical C
V-BT08/055 Battle Sister, Ginger 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical C
V-BT08/056 Battle Sister, Tiramisu 0 Oracle Think Tank Draw C
V-BT08/057 Battle Sister, Brioche 0 Oracle Think Tank Heal C
V-BT08/058 Dragon Knight, Nizar 3 Kagero C
V-BT08/059 Dynamelt Dragon 2 Kagero C
V-BT08/060 Demonic Dragon Mage, Sakara 2 Kagero C
V-BT08/061 Flame of Scorching Heat, Gibil 1 Kagero C
V-BT08/062 Purple Gem Carbuncle 1 Kagero C
V-BT08/063 Lizard Soldier, Conroe 0 Kagero C+SP
V-BT08/064 Angry Horn Dragon 0 Kagero Critical C
V-BT08/065 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa 0 Kagero Critical C
V-BT08/066 Toxophilite Dragon 0 Kagero Draw C
V-BT08/067 Mother Orb Dragon 0 Kagero Heal C
V-BT08/068 Super Dimensional Robo, Dairoller 3 Dimension Police C
V-BT08/069 Dimensional Robo, Daiboat 2 Dimension Police C
V-BT08/070 Dimensional Robo, Gofire 2 Dimension Police C
V-BT08/071 Dimensional Robo, Gobiker 1 Dimension Police C
V-BT08/072 Dimensional Robo, Daigyro 1 Dimension Police C
V-BT08/073 Dimensional Robo, Daifalcon 1 Dimension Police C
V-BT08/074 Metalborg, Blackboi 0 Dimension Police C+SP
V-BT08/075 Dimensional Robo, Dairacer 0 Dimension Police Critical C
V-BT08/076 Justice Cobalt 0 Dimension Police Critical C
V-BT08/077 Beast Fur Monster, Momomocia 0 Dimension Police Draw C
V-BT08/078 Cosmic Hero, Grandrescue 0 Dimension Police Heal C
V-BT08/079 Vast Torus, Duannulus 2 Link Joker C
V-BT08/080 Strafe Deletor, Gae 2 Link Joker C
V-BT08/081 Evil Claw of Natural Laws, Dravalclaw 2 Link Joker C
V-BT08/082 Manipulator of the Void 1 Link Joker C
V-BT08/083 Enduring Deletor, Zegrao 1 Link Joker C
V-BT08/084 Stringent Deletor, Igerma 1 Link Joker C
V-BT08/085 Luminary of Ionization, Grubridge 0 Link Joker C
V-BT08/086 Axino Dragon 0 Link Joker Critical C
V-BT08/087 Pulse Monk of the Quaking Foot 0 Link Joker Critical C
V-BT08/088 Milky Way Sharp Sword, Guerg 0 Link Joker Draw C
V-BT08/089 Juvenile Child of Virtual Particles 0 Link Joker Heal C
V-BT08/SP19 Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath 0 Link Joker Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT08/SP20 Neon Messiah 0 Link Joker SP
V-BT08/SP21 Quick Shield 0 Blitz Order SP
V-BT08/SP22 Wyvern Guard, Barri 0 Kagero Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT08/SP24 Wyvern Strike, Doha 2 Kagero SP
V-BT08/SP25 Wyvern Strike, Garan 1 Kagero SP
V-BT08/SP26 Wyvernkid Ragla 0 Kagero SP
V-BT08/SP27 Quick Shield 0 Blitz Order SP
V-BT08/SP28 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist 0 Oracle Think Tank Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT08/SP30 Quick Shield 0 Blitz Order SP
V-BT08/SP31 Diamond Ace 0 Dimension Police Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT08/SP33 Quick Shield 0 Blitz Order SP
V-BT08/T01 Vision Token 3 Token unit

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Oracle Think Tank 6(+1) 6 5 5 0 22(+1)
Kagero 6(+2) 6(+1) 5(+1) 5 0 22(+4)
Dimension Police 6(+1) 6 5 5 0 22(+1)
Link Joker 6(+2) 6 5 4 1 22(+2)
- 0 0 0 1 0 1

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