Phantom Dragon Aeon is the 10th V-icon.png Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-BT10/001 Dragheart, Luard 3 Shadow Paladin Force VR+ASR+SP
V-BT10/002 Phantom Blaster Overlord 3 Shadow Paladin Force VR+ASR+SP
V-BT10/003 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor 3 Tachikaze Accel VR+SP
V-BT10/004 Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova 3 Spike Brothers Force VR+SP
V-BT10/005 Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora 3 Megacolony Protect VR+SP
V-BT10/006 Dragdriver, Luard 3 Shadow Paladin Force RRR+SP
V-BT10/007 Dragwizard, Morfessa 2 Shadow Paladin RRR+ASR+SP
V-BT10/008 Freezing Witch, Bendi 1 Shadow Paladin RRR+SP
V-BT10/009 True Ancient Dragon, Bladeromeus 3 Tachikaze Accel RRR+SP
V-BT10/010 Zealous Horn Dragon, Dilophopyro 2 Tachikaze RRR+SP
V-BT10/011 Prism Bird 1 Tachikaze RRR+SP
V-BT10/012 Adorbs Perm, Rona 2 Spike Brothers RRR+SP
V-BT10/013 Acrobat Verdi 1 Spike Brothers RRR+SP
V-BT10/014 Machining Meteorbullet 3 Megacolony Protect RRR+SP
V-BT10/015 Despoiling Mutant, Sticky Bolas 2 Megacolony RRR+SP
V-BT10/016 New Face Mutant, Little Dorcas 1 Megacolony RRR+SP
V-BT10/017 Dragwizard, Liafail 2 Shadow Paladin RR
V-BT10/018 Dragwizard, Knies 1 Shadow Paladin RR
V-BT10/019 Abyssal Owl 1 Shadow Paladin RR
V-BT10/020 Belial Owl 0 Shadow Paladin Critical RR
V-BT10/021 True Ancient Dragon, Barreltops 3 Tachikaze Accel RR
V-BT10/022 True Ancient Dragon, Aloneros 2 Tachikaze RR
V-BT10/023 Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasaulauncher 0 Tachikaze Critical RR
V-BT10/024 Spiking Cyclone 3 Spike Brothers Force RR
V-BT10/025 Ambush Dexter 1 Spike Brothers RR+SP
V-BT10/026 Liar Lips 0 Spike Brothers Critical RR
V-BT10/027 Intimidating Mutant, Darkface 3 Megacolony Protect RR+SP
V-BT10/028 Machining Scatterhorn 2 Megacolony RR
V-BT10/029 Scissor-shot Mutant, Bombscissor 0 Megacolony Critical RR
V-BT10/030 Witch of Sculptured Group, Annelyn 3 Shadow Paladin Force R
V-BT10/031 Dragwizard, Buagriu 2 Shadow Paladin R
V-BT10/032 Hunter of Transgression, Macdobar 1 Shadow Paladin R
V-BT10/033 Knight of Strict Order, Suels 1 Shadow Paladin R
V-BT10/034 Slicing Dragon, Terrortherizino 3 Tachikaze Accel R
V-BT10/035 Regiment Dragon, Regiodon 2 Tachikaze R+SP
V-BT10/036 Full Speed Dragon, Bluesprint 1 Tachikaze R+SP
V-BT10/037 True Ancient Dragon, Pterafeed 1 Tachikaze R
V-BT10/038 Punting Cannon 3 Spike Brothers Force R
V-BT10/039 Bullet Liner 3 Spike Brothers Force R
V-BT10/040 Breach Spurt 2 Spike Brothers R
V-BT10/041 Outside Rabbit 1 Spike Brothers R
V-BT10/042 Cheer Girl, Courtney 1 Spike Brothers R
V-BT10/043 Destruction Spear Mutant, Dovaspeed 3 Megacolony Protect R
V-BT10/044 Melody Mutant, Nelnympha 2 Megacolony R
V-BT10/045 Disturbance Mutant, Morsiroro 1 Megacolony R
V-BT10/046 Cleared Breeze 1 Megacolony R
V-BT10/047 Halo of Bonds, Solidar Bangle 1 Order R
V-BT10/048 Knight of Exhaustion, Ireged 3 Shadow Paladin C
V-BT10/049 Spalbau 2 Shadow Paladin C
V-BT10/050 Damp Hood Dragon 2 Shadow Paladin C
V-BT10/051 Dragfighter, Meadow 2 Shadow Paladin C
V-BT10/052 Hardship Sage, Decron 1 Shadow Paladin C
V-BT10/053 Knight of Accomplishment, Dilaelt 1 Shadow Paladin C
V-BT10/054 Dragprince, Rute 0 Shadow Paladin C+SP
V-BT10/055 Darkside Trumpeter 0 Shadow Paladin Critical C
V-BT10/056 Death Feather Eagle 0 Shadow Paladin Critical C
V-BT10/057 Dragwizard, Babd 0 Shadow Paladin Draw C
V-BT10/058 Abyss Grail 0 Shadow Paladin Heal C
V-BT10/059 Gunfire Dragon, Ballistic Amalga 3 Tachikaze C
V-BT10/060 True Ancient Dragon, Heftstyraco 2 Tachikaze C
V-BT10/061 Electric Artillery Dragon, Diplorail 2 Tachikaze C
V-BT10/062 True Ancient Dragon, Albertail 1 Tachikaze C
V-BT10/063 Loading Dragon, Acerocargo 1 Tachikaze C
V-BT10/064 Martial Law Dragon, Compscouter 1 Tachikaze C
V-BT10/065 Minimumcarno 0 Tachikaze C+SP
V-BT10/066 Savage Aggressor 0 Tachikaze Critical C
V-BT10/067 Savage Selector 0 Tachikaze Draw C
V-BT10/068 Pack Dragon, Tinyrex 0 Tachikaze Front C
V-BT10/069 Younger Parasound 0 Tachikaze Heal C
V-BT10/070 Big Back Warlord 3 Spike Brothers C
V-BT10/071 Assaulting Babarias 2 Spike Brothers C
V-BT10/072 Defensive Evil Hater 2 Spike Brothers C
V-BT10/073 Meteoric Panthera 2 Spike Brothers C
V-BT10/074 Mecha Manager 1 Spike Brothers C
V-BT10/075 Mecha Referee 1 Spike Brothers C
V-BT10/076 Running Sniper 0 Spike Brothers C+SP
V-BT10/077 Killparade Mevis 0 Spike Brothers Critical C
V-BT10/078 Sonic Breaker 0 Spike Brothers Critical C
V-BT10/079 Cheer Girl, Pauline 0 Spike Brothers Draw C
V-BT10/080 Cheer Girl, Adalaide 0 Spike Brothers Heal C
V-BT10/081 Shredding Mutant, Killtrasch 3 Megacolony C
V-BT10/082 Hitting Mutant, Horde Jewel 2 Megacolony C
V-BT10/083 Beheading Mutant, Crimson Cutter 2 Megacolony C
V-BT10/084 Crag Arm Crusher 1 Megacolony C
V-BT10/085 Turbulent Signal 1 Megacolony C
V-BT10/086 Machining Cybister 1 Megacolony C
V-BT10/087 Young Mutant, Worectus 0 Megacolony C+SP
V-BT10/088 Sharp Nail Scorpio 0 Megacolony Critical C
V-BT10/089 Jewel Flasher 0 Megacolony Critical C
V-BT10/090 Aflutter Drafter 0 Megacolony Draw C
V-BT10/091 Large Snowflake Mutant, Snow Trick 0 Megacolony Heal C
V-BT10/T01 Cradle
V-BT10/Re:01 Cherishing Knight, Branwen 1 Shadow Paladin Re+SP
V-BT10/SP22 Phantom Blaster Dragon 3 Shadow Paladin Force SP
V-BT10/SP23 Skull Witch, Nemain 1 Shadow Paladin SP
V-BT10/SP24 Fullbau 0 Shadow Paladin SP
V-BT10/SP25 Quick Shield 0 SP
V-BT10/SP26 Archbird 0 Tachikaze Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT10/SP30 Quick Shield 0 SP
V-BT10/SP31 Cheer Girl, Marilyn 0 Spike Brothers Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT10/SP33 Quick Shield 0 SP
V-BT10/SP34 Paralyze Madonna 0 Megacolony Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-BT10/SP36 Quick Shield 0 SP

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Shadow Paladin 6(+2) 7(+2) 6 5(+1) 0 24(+5)
Tachikaze 6(+1) 6 5 5 0 22(+1)
Spike Brothers 6(+1) 6 5 5 0 22(+1)
Megacolony 6(+1) 6 5 5 0 22(+1)
- 0 1 0 0 0 1

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