"ULTRARARE MIRACLE COLLECTION" is the 3rd V-icon Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.




Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB03/001 Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel 3 Angel Feather Protect VR+SVR
V-EB03/002 Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel 3 Gold Paladin Accel VR+SVR
V-EB03/003 White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia 3 Neo Nectar Force VR+SVR
V-EB03/004 Crimson Impact, Metatron 3 Angel Feather Protect RRR+OR
V-EB03/005 Rear Impetus Celestial, Armaiti 2 Angel Feather RRR
V-EB03/006 Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains 2 Gold Paladin RRR
V-EB03/007 Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane 2 Gold Paladin RRR+OR
V-EB03/008 Pansy Musketeer, Sylvia 2 Neo Nectar RRR+OR
V-EB03/009 Lily of the Valley Musketeer, Rebecca 1 Neo Nectar RRR
V-EB03/010 Mobile Hospital, Feather Palace 3 Angel Feather Protect RR
V-EB03/011 Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel 2 Angel Feather RR
V-EB03/012 Battle Cupid, Nociel 0 Angel Feather Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-EB03/013 Battlefield Storm, Sagramore 3 Gold Paladin Accel RR
V-EB03/014 White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore 3 Gold Paladin Accel RR
V-EB03/015 Halo Shield, Mark 0 Gold Paladin Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-EB03/016 Maiden of Trailing Rose 3 Neo Nectar Force RR
V-EB03/017 Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka 1 Neo Nectar RR
V-EB03/018 Maiden of Blossom Rain 0 Neo Nectar Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-EB03/019 Million Ray Pegasus 2 Angel Feather R
V-EB03/020 Underlay Celestial, Hesediel 1 Angel Feather R
V-EB03/021 Thousand Ray Pegasus 1 Angel Feather R
V-EB03/022 Marking Celestial, Arabhaki 1 Angel Feather R
V-EB03/023 Shadowless Angel 1 Angel Feather Perfect Guard R
V-EB03/024 Sacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lion 2 Gold Paladin R
V-EB03/025 Lop Ear Shooter 2 Gold Paladin R
V-EB03/026 Evil Slaying Swordsman, Haugan 1 Gold Paladin R
V-EB03/027 Cladcrest Lion 1 Gold Paladin Perfect Guard R
V-EB03/028 Listener of Truth, Dindrane 1 Gold Paladin R
V-EB03/029 Exploding Tomato 3 Neo Nectar Force R
V-EB03/030 Lily of the Valley Musketeer, Kaivant 2 Neo Nectar R
V-EB03/031 Spiritual Tree Sage, Irminsul 2 Neo Nectar R
V-EB03/032 Fruits Basket Elf 1 Neo Nectar R
V-EB03/033 Guardian Force Fist Deity, Oni Burdoc 1 Neo Nectar Perfect Guard R
V-EB03/034 Perdurable Phoenix 3 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/035 Essence Celestial, Becca 2 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/036 Shocking Shot, Nuwqael 2 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/037 Doctroid Eiter 2 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/038 Syringe Lesser 1 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/039 Doctroid Circadian 1 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/040 First Aid Celestial, Peniel 0 Angel Feather C
V-EB03/041 Critical Hit Angel 0 Angel Feather Critical C
V-EB03/042 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza 0 Angel Feather Critical C
V-EB03/043 Bouquet Toss Messenger 0 Angel Feather Draw C
V-EB03/044 Sunny Smile Angel 0 Angel Feather Heal C
V-EB03/045 Mach Slash Dragon 3 Gold Paladin C
V-EB03/046 Knight of Heroism, Tornus 2 Gold Paladin C
V-EB03/047 Waving Owl 1 Gold Paladin C
V-EB03/048 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth 1 Gold Paladin C
V-EB03/049 Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph 0 Gold Paladin C
V-EB03/050 Knight of Blue Skies, Shanak 0 Gold Paladin Critical C
V-EB03/051 Flame of Victory 0 Gold Paladin Critical C
V-EB03/052 Foresight Courier 0 Gold Paladin Draw C
V-EB03/053 Dantegal 0 Gold Paladin Front C
V-EB03/054 Knight of Forceful Fight, Nalnes 0 Gold Paladin Front C
V-EB03/055 Elixir Sommelier 0 Gold Paladin Heal C
V-EB03/056 Maiden of Pure Splash 3 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/057 Iris Knight 2 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/058 Spinach Advisor 2 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/059 Maiden of Salix 2 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/060 Corolla Dragon 1 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/061 Knight of Coprosperity, Craig 1 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/062 Broccolini Musketeer, Kirah 0 Neo Nectar C
V-EB03/063 Night Queen Musketeer, Daniel 0 Neo Nectar Critical C
V-EB03/064 Chestnut Bullet 0 Neo Nectar Critical C
V-EB03/065 Dancing Sunflower 0 Neo Nectar Draw C
V-EB03/066 Watering Elf 0 Neo Nectar Heal C
Plant Token 0

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Angel Feather 6 6 6 4 - 22
Gold Paladin 8 5 5 4 - 22
Neo Nectar 6 6 6 4 - 22

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