My Glorious Justice is the 8th V-icon Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB08/001 Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner 3 Dimension Police Force VR
V-EB08/002 VR
V-EB08/003 VR
V-EB08/004 Dimension Police RRR
V-EB08/005 Magical Police Quilt 1 Dimension Police RRR
V-EB08/006 Greed Shade 2 Granblue RRR
V-EB08/007 RRR
V-EB08/008 Coral Assault 2 Aqua Force RRR
V-EB08/009 Aqua Force RRR
V-EB08/010 Super Dimensional Robo, Daizaurus 3 Dimension Police Force RR
V-EB08/011 RR
V-EB08/012 RR
V-EB08/013 Master Swordsman, Nightstorm 3 Granblue Protect RR
V-EB08/014 RR
V-EB08/015 RR
V-EB08/016 RR
V-EB08/017 RR
V-EB08/018 Storm Rider, Nikoloz 1 Aqua Force RR
V-EB08/019 Battling Leader, Gregio 3 Dimension Police R
V-EB08/020 Quick Hero, Active Mask 2 Dimension Police R
V-EB08/021 R
V-EB08/022 R
V-EB08/023 R
V-EB08/024 Seabed Demon Beast, Scaredick 3 Granblue Protect R
V-EB08/025 Granblue R
V-EB08/026 Granblue R
V-EB08/027 Granblue R
V-EB08/028 Pat the Ghostie 1 Granblue R
V-EB08/029 Marine General of the White Wave, Firogatos 3 Aqua Force Accel R
V-EB08/030 Blue Wing of Obstinacy, Shimeon 2 Aqua Force R
V-EB08/031 Blue Wing of Resonance, Maxios 1 Aqua Force R
V-EB08/032 Blue Wing of Faith, Basilea 1 Aqua Force R
V-EB08/033 Aqua Force R
V-EB08/034 Dimension Police C
V-EB08/035 Dimension Police C
V-EB08/036 Dimension Police C
V-EB08/037 Drilling Monster, Mogdrula 1 Dimension Police C
V-EB08/038 Operator Girl, Haruka 1 Dimension Police C
V-EB08/039 C
V-EB08/040 C
V-EB08/041 C
V-EB08/042 C
V-EB08/043 C
V-EB08/044 King Tentacle 3 Granblue C
V-EB08/045 Kicking Frangaru 2 Granblue C
V-EB08/046 Punching Franguru 2 Granblue C
V-EB08/047 C
V-EB08/048 C
V-EB08/049 C
V-EB08/050 C
V-EB08/051 C
V-EB08/052 C
V-EB08/053 C
V-EB08/054 C
V-EB08/055 C
V-EB08/056 C
V-EB08/057 C
V-EB08/058 C
V-EB08/059 C
V-EB08/060 C
V-EB08/061 C
V-EB08/062 C
V-EB08/063 C

Confirmed Cards

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB08/??? Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom Aqua Force
V-EB08/??? Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus Granblue
V-EB08/??? Pyroxene Communications Sea Otter Soldier 0 Aqua Force Draw
V-EB08/??? Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir 0 Aqua Force Heal
V-EB08/??? Dimensional Robo, Daibattles 0 Dimension Police Critical
V-EB08/??? Army Penguin 0 Dimension Police Draw
V-EB08/??? Dimensional Robo, Gorescue 0 Dimension Police Heal
V-EB08/??? Knight Spirit 0 Granblue Critical
V-EB08/??? Pirate Ship Handler, Paolo 0 Granblue Draw
V-EB08/??? Rick the Ghostie 0 Granblue Heal

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Dimension Police
Aqua Force