The Raging Tactics is the 9th V-icon Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English format.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB09/001 Thundering Sword Dragon, Angerblader Tachikaze Accel VR+SVR
V-EB09/002 Deadheat Bullspike Spike Brothers Force VR+SVR
V-EB09/003 True Demonic Rifle Rogue, Gunningcoleo Megacolony Protect VR+SVR
V-EB09/004 Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex Tachikaze Accel RRR+SP
V-EB09/005 Clearout Dragon, Sweeperacrocanto Tachikaze RRR+SP
V-EB09/006 Bad End Dragger Spike Brothers Force RRR+SP
V-EB09/007 Powerback Renaldo Spike Brothers RRR+SP
V-EB09/008 Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth Megacolony Protect RRR+SP
V-EB09/009 Spear-attack Mutant, Megalaralancer Megacolony RRR+SP
V-EB09/010 Turbo Smilodon Tachikaze RR
V-EB09/011 Savage Academian Tachikaze RR+SP
V-EB09/012 Sharp Thorn Dragon, Polacanspine Tachikaze RR
V-EB09/013 Gunwild Wolf Spike Brothers Force RR+SP
V-EB09/014 Derange Thaddeus Spike Brothers RR
V-EB09/015 Snapper Devil Spike Brothers RR
V-EB09/016 Prismatic Mutant, Stagger Seven Megacolony RR+SP
V-EB09/017 Machining Ornamental Megacolony Protect RR
V-EB09/018 Brawny Jerk Megacolony RR
V-EB09/019 Fierce Light Dragon, Opticalcerato Tachikaze Accel R
V-EB09/020 Deflagration Dragon, Bombraptor Tachikaze R
V-EB09/021 Light Blade Dragon, Thundilopho Tachikaze R
V-EB09/022 Angry Roar Dragon, Roarbaryo Tachikaze R
V-EB09/023 Savage Priestess Tachikaze Sentinel R
V-EB09/024 Detonate Barrel Spike Brothers R
V-EB09/025 Flare Blast Coyote Spike Brothers R
V-EB09/026 Offensive Punter Spike Brothers R
V-EB09/027 Big Blow Ted Spike Brothers R
V-EB09/028 Sweety Guard Spike Brothers Sentinel R
V-EB09/029 Machining Centipede Megacolony Protect R
V-EB09/030 Hiding Killerleaf Megacolony R
V-EB09/031 Flowery Tearer Megacolony R
V-EB09/032 Machining Lady Bomber Megacolony R
V-EB09/033 Silk Net Mutant, Supraseizer Megacolony Sentinel R
V-EB09/034 Savage Mercenary Tachikaze C
V-EB09/035 Sound Wave Dragon, Tontupux Tachikaze C
V-EB09/036 Armored Mammoth Tachikaze C
V-EB09/037 Electric Charge Dragon, Dimetrospark Tachikaze C
V-EB09/038 Savage Augur Tachikaze C
V-EB09/039 Whip Tail Dragon, Bashercarno Tachikaze C
V-EB09/040 Dragon Egg Tachikaze C
V-EB09/041 Small Horn Dragon, Babytops Tachikaze Critical C
V-EB09/042 Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo Tachikaze Draw C
V-EB09/043 Savage Rowdy Tachikaze Front C
V-EB09/044 Savage Shaman Tachikaze Heal C
V-EB09/045 Breaking Grandmobile Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/046 Intrigue Center Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/047 Provoke Needle Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/048 Knockout Strong Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/049 Elevation Wideout Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/050 Jackknife Janice Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/051 Mecha Trainer Spike Brothers C
V-EB09/052 Killparade Mevis Spike Brothers Critical C
V-EB09/053 Silence Joker Spike Brothers Critical C
V-EB09/054 Cheerful Lynx Spike Brothers Draw C
V-EB09/055 Cheer Girl, Tiara Spike Brothers Heal C
V-EB09/056 Hateable Spot Megacolony C
V-EB09/057 Dressing Mutant, Argobilbug Megacolony C
V-EB09/058 Red Light Mutant, Flatray Megacolony C
V-EB09/059 Giant Salute Mutant, Towerhorn Megacolony C
V-EB09/060 Shivering Bumble Megacolony C
V-EB09/061 Strong Acid Mutant, Gerdslug Megacolony C
V-EB09/062 Machining Worker Ant Megacolony C
V-EB09/063 Shelter Beetle Megacolony Critical C
V-EB09/064 Jewel Flasher Megacolony Critical C
V-EB09/065 Larva Mutant, Larvadraf Megacolony Draw C
V-EB09/066 Medical Battler, Ranpli Megacolony Heal C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Tachikaze 5 6 7 4 0 22
Spike Brothers 5 7 6 4 0 22
Megacolony 5 7 5 5 0 22

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