Team Dragon's Vanity! is the 12th V-icon Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB12/001 Claret Sword Dragon 3 Shadow Paladin Force VR+SVR+SSR
V-EB12/002 Dragonic Vanquisher 3 Narukami Accel VR+SVR+SSR
V-EB12/003 Last Card, Revonn 3 Aqua Force Accel VR+SVR+SSR
V-EB12/004 Morion Spear Dragon 2 Shadow Paladin RRR+SP
V-EB12/005 Cherishing Knight, Branwen 1 Shadow Paladin RRR+SP
V-EB12/006 Voltage Horn Dragon 2 Narukami RRR+SP
V-EB12/007 Mighty Bolt Dragoon 1 Narukami RRR+SP
V-EB12/008 Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass 2 Aqua Force RRR+SP
V-EB12/009 Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios 1 Aqua Force RRR+SP
V-EB12/010 Onyx Dust Dragon 3 Shadow Paladin Force RR
V-EB12/011 Darkpride Dragon 2 Shadow Paladin RR
V-EB12/012 Blue Espada Dragon 1 Shadow Paladin RR
V-EB12/013 Jaggy Shot Dragoon 3 Narukami Accel RR
V-EB12/014 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura 2 Narukami RR
V-EB12/015 Dragon Dancer, Anastasia 1 Narukami RR
V-EB12/016 Fort-vessel Dragon 3 Aqua Force Accel RR
V-EB12/017 Blue Wave Marine General, Foivos 2 Aqua Force RR
V-EB12/018 Battle Siren, Nerissa 1 Aqua Force RR
V-EB12/019 Knight of Blind Advance, Lugaid 3 Shadow Paladin Force R
V-EB12/020 Witch of Iron Chains, Ness 2 Shadow Paladin R
V-EB12/021 Knight of Enthusiasm, Cailte 2 Shadow Paladin R
V-EB12/022 Witch of Extirpation, Bheara 1 Shadow Paladin Perfect Guard R
V-EB12/023 Arrow of Inflexibility, Muolda 1 Shadow Paladin R
V-EB12/024 Blitz-caliber Dragon 3 Narukami Accel R
V-EB12/025 Tactical Dagger Dragoon 2 Narukami R
V-EB12/026 Spinous Blader Dragon 2 Narukami R
V-EB12/027 Desert Gunner, Bhajan 1 Narukami R
V-EB12/028 Dragon Dancer, Eluisa 1 Narukami Perfect Guard R
V-EB12/029 Sharpsplit Dragon 3 Aqua Force Accel R
V-EB12/030 Press Stream Dragon 2 Aqua Force R
V-EB12/031 Blue Wave Shield General, Yorgos 1 Aqua Force R
V-EB12/032 Blue Ward Command 1 Aqua Force Perfect Guard R
V-EB12/033 Analyze Shooter 1 Aqua Force R
V-EB12/034 Knight of Insight, Bathaden 3 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/035 Knight of Sudden Rage, Macmorna 2 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/036 Jammer Intruder 2 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/037 Knight of Maneuvers, Abagurd 1 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/038 Defitbau 1 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/039 Knight of Resentment, Matholwch 1 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/040 Promising Knight, David 0 Shadow Paladin C
V-EB12/041 Grim Revenger 0 Shadow Paladin Critical C
V-EB12/042 Darkside Trumpeter 0 Shadow Paladin Critical C
V-EB12/043 Howl Owl 0 Shadow Paladin Draw C
V-EB12/044 Abyss Healer 0 Shadow Paladin Heal C
V-EB12/045 Galvanic Mace Dragon 3 Narukami C
V-EB12/046 Desert Gunner, Tengen 2 Narukami C
V-EB12/047 Voltechshred Dragon 2 Narukami C
V-EB12/048 Dragon Dancer, Ramolna 1 Narukami C
V-EB12/049 Thunderlead Dragon 1 Narukami C
V-EB12/050 Storm Strike Discharge Wyvern 1 Narukami C
V-EB12/051 Harbinger Dracokid 0 Narukami C
V-EB12/052 Malevolent Djinn 0 Narukami Critical C
V-EB12/053 Old Dragon Mage 0 Narukami Draw C
V-EB12/054 Dragon Dancer, Catharina 0 Narukami Front C
V-EB12/055 Worm Toxin Eradicator, Seiobo 0 Narukami Heal C
V-EB12/056 Battle Siren, Stefana 3 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/057 Tear Knight, Elmalia 2 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/058 Marine General of Head Seas, Thanasis 2 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/059 Talwar Assault 2 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/060 Storm Rider, Banos 1 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/061 Frontal Sailor 1 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/062 Blue Wave Recruit, Kosty 0 Aqua Force C
V-EB12/063 Supersonic Sailor 0 Aqua Force Critical C
V-EB12/064 Pyroxene Communications Sea Otter Soldier 0 Aqua Force Draw C
V-EB12/065 Outride Dracokid 0 Aqua Force Front C
V-EB12/066 Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir 0 Aqua Force Heal C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Shadow Paladin 5 7 6 4 - 22
Narukami 5 7 6 4 - 22
Aqua Force 5 7 6 4 - 22

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