The Astral Force is the 13th V-icon.png Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.



吉村健一郎/HMK84/ToMo/ヨシモト/眠介/TODEE/とりゆふ/桂福蔵/霜月友/北熊/刀彼方?/jugemt/眠介/麻谷知世/田島幸枝/かわすみ/百瀬寿/高坂巧/ダイエクスト/沖路/kaworu/ぴよ/宮本 サトル/山崎太郎/タダ/筒井海砂/xiaji/ウスダヒロ/獣道/出利/やまだ六角/三好載克/ともひと/伊藤未生/Hirokorin/増田幹生/天城望/田口美穂/OHSE/とよた瑣織/前河悠一/秋谷コウ/モレシャン/瞑丸イヌチヨ/COGA/KAZTO FURUYA/菊屋シロウ/まろ/猫沖輝海/SALT/村上ゆいち/山﨑奈苗/上田夢人/六/村上ヒサシ/オンダカツキ/DaisukeIzuka/yashoo/uni


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB13/001 Arch-aider, Malkuth-melekh 3 Angel Feather Protect VR+SVR
V-EB13/002 Origin Deity of Heavenly Light, Uranus 3 Genesis Force VR+SVR+SSR
V-EB13/003 Chronotiger Rebellion 4 Gear Chronicle VR+SVR
V-EB13/004 Aid-roid, Zayin 2 Angel Feather RRR+SP
V-EB13/005 Aid-roid, Lamedo 1 Angel Feather RRR+SP
V-EB13/006 Phinomenus of the Constellations 2 Genesis RRR+SP+SSR
V-EB13/007 Dikei of the Just Path 1 Genesis RRR+SP+SSR
V-EB13/008 Chronofang Tiger 3 Gear Chronicle Force RRR+SP
V-EB13/009 Chronobite Tiger 2 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
V-EB13/010 Preside Chief, Jomjael 3 Angel Feather Protect RR
V-EB13/011 Mend Scraper, Tomael 3 Angel Feather Protect RR
V-EB13/012 Amputation Angel 2 Angel Feather RR
V-EB13/013 Sectio Angel 1 Angel Feather RR
V-EB13/014 Braw Antler Dragon 3 Genesis Force RR
V-EB13/015 Libitina of Burial Rites 2 Genesis RR
V-EB13/016 Re-innovate Wing Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle Force RR
V-EB13/017 Steam Scara, Irkab 2 Gear Chronicle RR
V-EB13/018 Chronotooth Tigar 1 Gear Chronicle RR
V-EB13/019 Fix Shooter, Berkael 3 Angel Feather Protect R
V-EB13/020 Clear-view Angel 2 Angel Feather R
V-EB13/021 Sanitize Raiser 2 Angel Feather R
V-EB13/022 Wet-pack Dealer 1 Angel Feather R
V-EB13/023 Auscultate Angel 1 Angel Feather R
V-EB13/024 Prime Plaster 1 Angel Feather Perfect Guard R
V-EB13/025 Realm-changing Sorcerer, Estra 3 Genesis R
V-EB13/026 Morning-grey Sorcerer, Ashwa 2 Genesis R
V-EB13/027 Late-bloomer Sorcerer, Palmett 1 Genesis R
V-EB13/028 Novel Around Dragon 4 Gear Chronicle R
V-EB13/029 Steam Lynx, Gudea 3 Gear Chronicle Force R
V-EB13/030 Steam Sweeper, Sargo 2 Gear Chronicle R
V-EB13/031 Steam Maiden, Ishbie 2 Gear Chronicle R
V-EB13/032 Steam Janitor, Gitlim 1 Gear Chronicle Perfect Guard R
V-EB13/033 Steam Sweeper, Kalissha 1 Gear Chronicle R
V-EB13/034 Lucent Enforce, Tarel 3 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/035 Care Mine Nurse 2 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/036 Surgical Nurse 2 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/037 Scissors-star Angel 2 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/038 Multi-medical Angel 1 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/039 Service Improver 1 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/040 Bandage Dresser 1 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/041 Aid-roid, Resh 0 Angel Feather C
V-EB13/042 Critical Hit Angel 0 Angel Feather Critical C
V-EB13/043 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza 0 Angel Feather Critical C
V-EB13/044 Bouquet Toss Messenger 0 Angel Feather Draw C
V-EB13/045 Sunny Smile Angel 0 Angel Feather Heal C
V-EB13/046 Conceit Boar 2 Genesis C
V-EB13/047 All-out Dog 1 Genesis C
V-EB13/048 Witch of Pure White, Clarie 1 Genesis C
V-EB13/049 Abundante of Wealth and Honor 1 Genesis C
V-EB13/050 Mellow Amusements Colossus 3 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/051 Steam Engineer, Shulia 2 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/052 Steam Sweeper, Nahram 2 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/053 Steam Reporter, Abum 2 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/054 Steam Composer, Urukagina 1 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/055 Steam Sweeper, Dohdo 1 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/056 Steam Fighter, Zabaia 1 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/057 Meteoric Light Colossus 1 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/058 Chrono Tigar 0 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB13/059 Steam Bomber, Digul 0 Gear Chronicle Critical C
V-EB13/060 Reclaim Key Dracokid 0 Gear Chronicle Critical C
V-EB13/061 Roly-poly Worker 0 Gear Chronicle Draw C
V-EB13/062 Steam Doctor, Mar-tash 0 Gear Chronicle Heal C
V-EB13/SSR01 Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion 5 Cray Elemental SSR
V-EB13/SSR03 Gleaming Lord, Uranus 3 Genesis Force SSR
V-EB13/SSR04 Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon 3 Genesis Force SSR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Total
Angel Feather 5 8 7 5 0 0 25
Genesis 0 5 4 3(+2) 0 0 12(+2)
Gear Chronicle 5 7 7 4 2 0 25
Cray Elemental 0 0 0 0 0 (+1) (+1)


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