The Next Stage is the 14th V-icon Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.




Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB14/001 Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile 3 Royal Paladin Force VR+SVR
V-EB14/002 Chronodragon Nextage 4 Gear Chronicle VR+SVR
V-EB14/003 VR+SVR
V-EB14/004 Counteroffensive Knight, Suleiman 2 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
V-EB14/005 Laurel Knight, Sicilus 1 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
V-EB14/006 Smokegear Dragon 2 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
V-EB14/007 RRR+SP
V-EB14/008 Cornflower Flower Maiden, Ines 3 Neo Nectar Force RRR+SP
V-EB14/009 RRR+SP
V-EB14/010 Royal Paladin RR
V-EB14/011 Starlight Violinist 2 Royal Paladin RR
V-EB14/012 Bringer of Dreams, Belenus 0 Royal Paladin Sentinel RR
V-EB14/013 Steam Fighter, Balih 3 Gear Chronicle Force RR
V-EB14/014 Steam Maiden, Melem 1 Gear Chronicle RR
V-EB14/015 Heart Thump Worker 0 Gear Chronicle Sentinel RR
V-EB14/016 RR
V-EB14/017 RR
V-EB14/018 Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis 0 Neo Nectar Sentinel RR
V-EB14/019 Great Bow Knight, Markham 3 Royal Paladin Force R
V-EB14/020 Anabasis Header Dragon 3 Royal Paladin Force R
V-EB14/021 R
V-EB14/022 R
V-EB14/023 R
V-EB14/024 R
V-EB14/025 Upclutch Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle Force R
V-EB14/026 Steam Maiden, Engilsa 3 Gear Chronicle Force R
V-EB14/027 Upstream Dragon 2 Gear Chronicle R
V-EB14/028 Masergear Dragon 1 Gear Chronicle R
V-EB14/029 Maiden of Iceberg 3 Neo Nectar Force R
V-EB14/030 Neo Nectar R
V-EB14/031 Neo Nectar R
V-EB14/032 Maiden of Sweet Berry 1 Neo Nectar R
V-EB14/033 Neo Nectar R
V-EB14/034 Tactics of Knowledge, Stout Arm Chapter 3 Normal Order R
V-EB14/035 Solemn Wiseman, Leonard 3 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/036 Stab Knight, Legau 2 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/037 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/038 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/039 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/040 Torrent Knight, Ecgfrith 1 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/041 Bright Light Knight, Creoda 1 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/042 Knight of Secret Plan, Watt 1 Royal Paladin C
V-EB14/043 C
V-EB14/044 C
V-EB14/045 C
V-EB14/046 C
V-EB14/047 Steam Breaker, Narmaniha 2 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/048 Steam Blader, Dudu 2 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/049 Steam Performer, Ragab 2 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/050 Steam Cook, Shaushu 1 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/051 Steam Writer, Lubaba 1 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/052 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/053 Gear Chronicle C
V-EB14/054 Maiden of White Calla 3 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/055 Genuine Maiden, Ferine 2 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/056 Knight of Cordiality, Morgan 2 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/057 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/058 Singular Purpose Maiden, Taniya 1 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/059 Devotion Maiden, Lilya 1 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/060 1 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/061 Fully Tangerine 1 Neo Nectar C
V-EB14/062 Maiden of Dream Shower 1 Neo Nectar C

Confirmed Cards

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-EB14/??? Sage of Eminent Virtue, Tion 2 Royal Paladin
V-EB14/??? Headwind Knight, Selim 1 Royal Paladin
V-EB14/??? Interdimensional Beast, Isolate Lion 4 Gear Chronicle
V-EB14/??? Steam Fighter, Shutol 2 Gear Chronicle
V-EB14/??? Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha Neo Nectar
V-EB14/??? Rindo Gentian Musketeer, Antero 2 Neo Nectar

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin
Gear Chronicle
Neo Nectar

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