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==Card List==
==Card List==
{{CardList|V-SS02/001|Blaster Blade|2|Royal Paladin||1}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/001|Blaster Blade|2|Royal Paladin||1}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/002|King of Knights, Alfred|3|Royal Paladin|Force|1}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/002|King of Knights, Alfred|3|Royal Paladin|Force|1}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/003|Alfred Early|3|Royal Paladin|Force|3}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/003|Alfred Early|3|Royal Paladin|Force|3}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/004|Stardrive Dragon|3|Royal Paladin|Force|4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/004|Stardrive Dragon|3|Royal Paladin|Force|4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/005|Blaster Blade|2|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/005|Blaster Blade|2|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/006|Knight of Silence, Gallatin|2|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/006|Knight of Silence, Gallatin|2|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/007|Knight of Devotion, Bergius|2|Royal Paladin||4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/007|Knight of Devotion, Bergius|2|Royal Paladin||4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/008|Knight Squire, Allen|1|Royal Paladin||4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/008|Knight Squire, Allen|1|Royal Paladin||4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/009|Wingal|1|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/009|Wingal|1|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/010|Radical Knight, Anil|1|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/010|Radical Knight, Anil|1|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/011|Strong Knight, Rounoria|1|Royal Paladin|Perfect Guard|4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/011|Strong Knight, Rounoria|1|Royal Paladin|Perfect Guard|4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/012|Glyme|0|Royal Paladin||1}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/012|Glyme|0|Royal Paladin||1}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/013|Flogal|0|Royal Paladin|Critical|4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/013|Flogal|0|Royal Paladin|Critical|4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/014|Future Knight, Llew|0|Royal Paladin|Critical|4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/014|Future Knight, Llew|0|Royal Paladin|Critical|4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/015|Margal|0|Royal Paladin|Draw|4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/015|Margal|0|Royal Paladin|Draw|4}}
{{CardList|V-SS02/016|Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine|0|Royal Paladin|Heal|4}}
{{CardListV/TD|V-SS02/016|Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine|0|Royal Paladin|Heal|4}}
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Start Deck Blaster Blade is the 2nd V-icon Special Series released in Japanese.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Amount
V-SS02/001 Blaster Blade Royal Paladin 1
V-SS02/002 King of Knights, Alfred Royal Paladin Force 1
V-SS02/003 Alfred Early Royal Paladin Force 3
V-SS02/004 Stardrive Dragon Royal Paladin Force 4
V-SS02/005 Blaster Blade Royal Paladin 3
V-SS02/006 Knight of Silence, Gallatin Royal Paladin 3
V-SS02/007 Knight of Devotion, Bergius Royal Paladin 4
V-SS02/008 Knight Squire, Allen Royal Paladin 4
V-SS02/009 Wingal Royal Paladin 3
V-SS02/010 Radical Knight, Anil Royal Paladin 3
V-SS02/011 Strong Knight, Rounoria Royal Paladin Perfect Guard 4
V-SS02/012 Glyme Royal Paladin 1
V-SS02/013 Flogal Royal Paladin Critical 4
V-SS02/014 Future Knight, Llew Royal Paladin Critical 4
V-SS02/015 Margal Royal Paladin Draw 4
V-SS02/016 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine Royal Paladin Heal 4

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin - 50

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