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"Aichi Sendou" is the 1st V-icon.png Trial Deck released in the Japanese and English formats. Along with V-TD02, it is the first product sold containing cards belonging to the "V Series" era.





Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Amount
V-TD01/001 Alfred Early 3 Royal Paladin Force 4
V-TD01/002 Stardrive Dragon 3 Royal Paladin Force 4
V-TD01/003 Knight of Silence, Gallatin 2 Royal Paladin 4
Blaster Blade 2 Royal Paladin 1+3
V-TD01/006 Sage of the Arts, Jauron 2 Royal Paladin 3
V-TD01/007 Wingal 1 Royal Paladin 3
V-TD01/008 Knight Squire, Allen 1 Royal Paladin 4
V-TD01/009 Strong Knight, Rounoria 1 Royal Paladin Perfect Guard 4
V-TD01/010 Auspice Falcon 1 Royal Paladin 3
V-TD01/011 Glyme 0 Royal Paladin 1
V-TD01/012 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona 0 Royal Paladin Critical 4
V-TD01/013 Flogal 0 Royal Paladin Critical 4
V-TD01/014 Margal 0 Royal Paladin Draw 4
V-TD01/015 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine 0 Royal Paladin Heal 4

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin 17 14 11 8 - 50