Valentine for you! is a season event in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, first introduced in February 2020.


  • 2020: February 6th (14:00) to February 15th (13:59)


This event involved moving the My Room - Asaka Narumi (Apron) across a board game using dice acquired from Missions, Daily Logins and the Model Room. The first space on the board featured a prize wheel which could allow the multiplication of gained Valentine Chocolate by x3 or x5. The other spaces on the board either gave the player Pale Moon cards, Valentine Chocolate or allowed them to move an extra space forward. One space also allowed for a fight against an EASY CPU player. Rewards would be provided for milestone laps around the board.

The cards gained from this event would not go towards the players collection, instead they are used for a rental deck to play against the event boss, a CPU Kourin (Apron). Once all cards were acquired their spaces would be replaced by Valentine Chocolate. There were three rounds in which the difficulty of the boss would increase with each round.

The Model Room introduced in this event is a room similar to the My Room. It displays My Room items and characters serving as a model to how they would look in a player's My Room. Entering the Model Room daily rewards players with dice.

Valentine Chocolate could be exchanged for select items at the exchange store.


To be added.

Event Exchange Store Items

Item Valentine Chocolate Available Quantity
My Room - Asaka Narumi (Apron) 5000 1
My Room - Kourin (Apron) 5000 1
Character - Asaka Narumi (Apron) 5000 1
Character - Kourin (Apron) 5000 1
Home - Asaka Narumi (Apron) 500 1
Home - Kourin (Apron) 500 1
Sleeve - Asaka Narumi (Apron) 1000 1
Sleeve - Misaki Tokura (Apron) 1000 1
Gacha Ticket 2000 3
Valentine Sofa 200 99
Valentine Table 200 99
Valentine Balloons 100 99
Valentine Kitchen 400 99
Valentine Storage Cupboard 200 99
Valentine Refrigerator 100 99
Present Tower (Blue) 300 99
Present Tower (Yellow) 300 99
Valentine Photo Spot 500 99
My Room Coin 10
Premium Coin 50


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