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Docking Deletor, Greion

"Vanish Delete" (裏でバインドバニッシュデリート Banisshu Derīto) is a label given to the action of binding cards from the drop zone face down. It is exclusive to the Deletors of the Link Joker clan, and it was introduced in G Comic Booster 1: Vanguard & Deletor. In English card text, the term "vanish delete" appears as reminder text, while in Japanese card text, the term appears as furigana above the words "bind it face down".

Despite this mechanic being unique to Link Joker, as well as requiring reminder text when it was first introduced, vanish delete is not a keyword.

How it Works[]

Vanish delete binds cards from the drop zone face down, permanently.

List of Cards[]

Grade 0[]

Grade 1[]

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Grade 3[]

Grade 4[]


  • In the manga, this ability is shown as turning cards from the opponent's drop zone face down.