Dragonic Vanquisher

"Vanquisher" (ヴァンキッシャー Vankisshā) is a series of cards with "Vanquisher" in its card name exclusive to the Narukami clan, and introduced on G Booster Set 2: Soaring Ascent of Gale & Blossom.


This archetype focuses on binding cards from the drop zone after they've been retired, while also gaining power from binding cards. Like other Stride Bearers, the original grade 3 was the base for the clan's playstyle in Cardfight!! Vanguard G, and further evolved with their keyword "Thunderstrike". Vanquisher relies on its support to bind most of the opponent's cards while Vanquisher itself bases its offensive and defensive powers from each bind. Each of the grade 4's have their own form of pressure; the original has the ability to grant an immense amount of power dependent on the number of cards in the opponent's bind zone, while the evolved form takes another archetype's playstyle and makes it more devastating by dealing the opponent an extra damage if their field is empty after it attacks. The grade 3 also has the benefit of being able to gain power during the opponent's turn, making it a versatile boss unit.

List of "Vanquisher" Cards

Grade 3

Grade 4

List of Support Cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

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