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Spinning wisdom and shooting through truth. Ride! Prime Beauty, Amaruda.

—Verno Fahrenheart when she rides Prime Beauty, Amaruda

Verno Fahrenheart is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT.


She is a tall woman with fair skin, light blue eyes, and long, blondish-pink hair. She wears a black, sleeveless jacket atop a purple, sleeveless dress that splits at her waist, a long, black, finger less glove on her right arm, and two golden bracelets and one beaded bracelet on her left arm. She also appears to wear a small black shawl or scarf around her neck and two rectangular earrings on each ear. She also has a black anklet with short, black socks and black heels.


She is a supermodel from overseas. She is in a Team called Ogre and won the U20 last year with Kazumi and Miguel.


It is unknown what Verno was like before being Diffridden. What little is known about her is that she has a caring heart and appears to have bonded with Prime Beauty, Amaruda. She refers to herself as "僕" (Boku), a common male's polite pronoun.


Verno uses a Genesis deck focused on cards with the Revelation ability and her ace Prime Beauty, Amaruda.



  • When referring to herself, Verno uses the personal pronoun "boku (僕)", which is uncommon to be used by females. "Boku" is more commonly used by males, for example, Aichi Sendou and Taiyou Asukawa use "boku" to refer to themselves.
  • Her birthday is on Valentine's Day.
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