Vulgar Blister
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Name Vulgar Blister
Kana ヴァルガー・ブリスター
Phonetic Varugā Burisutā
Grade / Skill Grade 2 / Sk intercept Intercept
Power Power icon 7000
Critical Critical icon 1
Shield Shield icon 5000
Nation Co zoo Zoo
Clan Megacolony
Race Insect
Format Premium Standard
Illust 瞑丸イヌチヨ‎
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
Just kneeling? Show me more of your sincerity.
Card Effect(s)
[CONT](RC):If this unit is in the front row, all of your opponent's rear-guards in the same column as this unit cannot [Stand] during your opponent's stand phase.
[CONT](RC):You may pay "Choose a "Vulgar Blister" from your (RC), and retire it" as the cost for Stride of your G unit with the dark device ability.
Tournament Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
KR Unlimited
TH Unlimited
IT Unlimited
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