"Those who fought to overcome the despair which loomed over the world shall lead the way. That is not us, it's all of you" ~ words from the liberated heroes.

—Flavor of Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth, from TD08

The "War of Liberation" (かいほうせんそう Kaihō Sensō) was a pivotal event in the history of Planet Cray.


When the clans had finally united to face the threat of Void, Void attacked the assembled clans and captured the phenomenon PSY Qualia and the heroes Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark and Dragonic Overlord, sealing them away and throwing their clans into confusion. In response, members of the Royal Paladins and Shadow Paladins formed the new Gold Paladin clan and set out to rescue the heroes by finding the legendary Seven Beast Armors. Additionally, the Narukami clan moved from their previous background role in the military of the Dragon Empire to take to the front lines.

The War of Liberation ended with the defeat of Void and the rescue of the heroes. Following these events, King Alfred gave the title of "Liberator" to the outstanding Royal and Gold Paladin warriors, creating the elite force for the Gold Paladin clan. Members of the Narukami clan were also honored by the Dragon Empire, receiving the title of "Eradicator". The Shadow Paladins returned to the Sanctuary's hidden parts, and later would be given the title of "Revenger".

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