WhiteDay Memories (WhiteDay for you...? in the Japanese edition) is a season event in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, first introduced in March 2020.


  • 2020: March 6th (14:00) to March 15th (13:59) [JP]
  • 2020: June 3rd (19:00 PDT) to June 12th (23:59 PDT) [Global]


This event involves moving the My Room - Ren Suzugamori (Suits) across a board game using dice acquired from Missions, Daily Logins, and by viewing the Model Room.

  • There are also free guaranteed 3, 2, and 1 dice per day (which can be bought with gems if you want more).
  • The first space on the board features a roulette which could allow the multiplication of gained WhiteDay Bouquet by x3 or x5.
  • The other spaces on the board either give the player Shadow Paladin cards, WhiteDay Bouquet, or allows them to move an extra space forward.
  • One space also allowed for a fight against an EASY CPU player. If you won, you would unlock quick fight for that character for the rest of event. Rewards would be provided for milestone laps around the board.
    • Defeating the CPU allows for the roulette to enter "Fever mode", which fills the roulette with x3 and x5 slots.

The cards gained from this event would not go towards the players collection, instead they allow the progression of the story and are used for a rental deck to play against the event boss, a CPU Toshiki Kai (Suits). Once all cards are acquired, their spaces would be replaced by WhiteDay Bouquet. There are three rounds, with the difficulty of the boss increasing after each round.

The Model Room introduced in this event is a room similar to the My Room. It displays My Room items and characters serving as a model to how they would look in a player's My Room. Entering the Model Room daily rewards players with dice.

WhiteDay Bouquet can be exchanged for select items at the exchange store.

Chances of getting roulette is as follows;

Ways 3x Chance 5x Chance
Landing on 1st Panel (free roll) 1/3 1/6
Landing on 1st Panel (pay 50 gems) 2/3 1/3
Win a Fever fight 2/3 1/3


Ren Suzugamori is invited into a special party for cardfighters hosted by Ultra Rare in card shop PSY, by claiming that Toshiki Kai will also be there as a bait.

While Suiko stalls Ren, Rekka is tasked to find Kai and bring him there so that their claim don't end up as lying.

Rekka found Kai busy buying cookies for White Day gift, and coerce him into their deal with Ren by saying that if he doesn't come, they will find Aichi Sendou instead.

Rekka also give Kai his suit since the party has its dress code.

Meanwhile, Kyou Yahagi overhears the situation, and decide to sneak into the party as well.

Kai meets Ren in the party, and as both of them exchange words, Rekka found a suspicious person (Kyou), forcing him to go out of hiding.

Kyou, faking his innocence (when even being pointed out he is wearing a wrong dress code), then challenges Kai for a fight in order to earn his spot back at AL4.

As Rekka reports the other guests has return home, Kai take out his deck, accepting the fight. As usual, he sends Kyou packing.

As the ordeal ends, Ren returns home, saying that it's not the day he and Kai fight yet. Before he goes home, he takes some of the macarons, which Suiko comments that the color is perfect for White Day.

Having watched Kai's fight, Ultra Rare concluded that only Ren and Aichi have PSYqualia.

Later, Ren bring back the macarons and give it to Asaka, saying he had eaten a lot of them beforehand, to both Asaka's delight and Tetsu's shock.

Meanwhile, Kai bring cookies to Card Capital as his White Day gift. When Miwa points out that it was handmade and clearly too much for just Misaki and Emi and guess that means for everyone to eat them, Kai runs away from the scene, probably out of embarassment.

Even though Morikawa and Kamui don't like Kai, they had to admit that his handmade cookies are delicious. Both Misaki and Emi points out that Kai is good at cooking, just as he did for Stand Up the Christmas event.

Kamui feels inferior to Kai as the cookies are more delicious than his own handmade pudding, but Emi corrects and says both are delicious, to Kamui's delight. Ultimately, Kai smiles outside the shop.

Event Exchange Store Items

Prices may be incorrect.
Name Price Quantity Image
My Room - Ren Suzugamori (Suits) 5000 1 MyRoom-RenSuzugamori-Suits.png
My Room - Toshiki Kai (Suits) 5000 1 MyRoom-ToshikiKai-Suits.png
Character - Ren Suzugamori (Suits) 5000 1 FightSkin-RenSuzugamori-Suits.png
Character - Toshiki Kai (Suits) 5000 1 FightSkin-ToshikiKai-Suits.png
Home Skin - Ren Suzugamori (Suits) 500 1 150px
Home Skin - Toshiki Kai (Suits) 500 1 150px
Sleeve - Ren Suzugamori (Suits) 1000 1 CFZSleeve-RenSuzugamoriSuits.png
Sleeve - Toshiki Kai (Suits) 1000 1 CFZSleeve-ToshikiKaiSuits.png
WhiteDay Bed 200 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Bed.png
WhiteDay Balloons 100 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Balloons.png
WhiteDay Sweets Buffet 400 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Buffet.png
Rose Bouquet 200 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Bouquet.png
WhiteDay Chair 100 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Chair.png
Macaron Tower 300 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Tower.png
WhiteDay Houseplant 300 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Shelf.png
WhiteDay Table Set 500 99 CFZFurniture-WhiteDay Table.png
MyRoom Coin 10 CFZItem-Coin.png
Premium Coin 50 CFZItem-PremiumCoin.png
Gacha Ticket 2000 3 CFZItem-GachaTicket.png

Mission Rewards


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