This is the overDress of victory!


Yu-yu Kondo is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress. A third-year middle school student, who lives in Kanazawa city of the Kaga Province. He is invited by Megumi Okura to Dreamland Wonder Hill, where he meets her friends, and encounters Vanguard for the first time.


His surname uses the kanji for "Near" and "Lead". Just like Aichi Sendou, Chrono Shindou, and Izuru Shidou before him, Yuyu is the fourth protagonist whose surname uses 導 (Dou).


Yu-yu is a young man with short dark blue hair, fair skin and purple eyes. He is commonly wearing a green and white jacket with denim jeans and brown, laced boots. When cross-dressing against his will, he wears a honey blond wig with a black headband on his head, a white and green vintage dress with a black ribbon on the chest and a pair of dark green shoes with low heels.


He is shy and stammers often.


According to the synopsis, Yu-yu has the ability to read the heart of other individuals. However, this comes with the price of being unable to reject requests, which is taken advantage of by his sisters.


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Yu-yu uses a Dragon Empire deck based around "overDress" ability. One card among them, Trickstar, is known to be his personal buddy.


  • The producer Keita Mori has expressed that Shōta Aoi is the real Yu-yu for us.
  • Unlike the past titular protagonists who had standalone appearances, Yu-yu is the only protagonist shown with two completely different appearances.
  • His voice actor, Shōta Aoi, also voiced Gaito Kurouzu and Light Kurouzu from Future Card Buddyfight.
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