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Yuuta Izaki is a minor character in Cardfight!! Vanguard anime and manga.


Izaki is Katsumi Morikawa's best friend, and can usually be seen with Morikawa at Card Capital. He was one of the Vanguard players who competed in the Shop Tournament at Card Capital, and was defeated by Aichi Sendou in his first on-screen fight in Episode 9.


Despite continuous reference to 'Izaki' both in-series and out, Izaki's given name is in fact Yuta.


Season 2

Izaki was left in Japan to look after Card Capital with Miwa.

Season 3

Morikawa and Izaki graduated from Hitsue Junior High School and became students at Kai and Miwa's school, Hitsue High. Izaki joins Hitsue's Cardfight club and faces Kourin during their match against Miyaji's Cardfight club, but loses. After that, Izaki asks his team mates to help him train for the VF High School Championship, noting how much stronger Aichi has become and that he wants to be at the same level. Izaki is pitted against Aichi during the VF High School Championship pre-eliminary round, at the start of the fight, everyone underestimates Izaki due to not having any previous experience in a tournament.

At first Izaki struggles during the fight and is cornered with 5 damage against Aichi who only has 3, but Izaki makes a comeback when he Break Rides Ancient Dragon, Tyrannolegend and launches a 41000 Power attack with a 3 critical. Aichi is forced to guard with his entire hand but Izaki still has a chance to win by pulling 2 triggers, his first drive check reveals a Critical Trigger, being so close to win, he makes his second check, but is not a trigger, so his attack fails. Despite his best efforts, Izaki ultimately loses, but everyone applauds his effort.

G Season 2

Izaki was seen working at Card Capital along with Miwa.


  • Yuta is seen making fun of Morikawa about always losing even though Yuta himself has never won a cardfight once.
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