Galactic Beast, Zeal

"Zeal" (ズィール Zīru) is a series of cards that include "Zeal" in its card name exclusive to the Dimension Police clan, and introduced on Booster Set 8: Blue Storm Armada.

This archetype focuses on reducing the opponent's vanguard's power when the ride chain is successfully ridden on the previous grade.


Galactic Beast, Zeal
The ultimate form of Zeal, its power has grown so much that it was called the super beast of galaxy. The heat sources from his body were said to be the same as the sun's core and it can even shoot out beams from them. In order to protect their country from the mysterious force that tried to steal them, the "Dimension Police" have came to an agreement with the beasts for a temporary truce. "We will be the one who will destroy this planet!" All the other beasts agreed with the voice of Zeal and they have officially joined in the force of the "Dimension Police". With their help, the mysterious forces that targeted their city were defeated.

Related Background

Who are the Cosmic Monsters?
In the broad universe, there are evil beings who attempt to invade and conquer peaceful planets. They pillage and plunder relentlessly for a variety of resources found in those planets, including materials, mana and emotional energies. Some monsters come to Cray as they try to escape from "Dimension Police", while some come to invade the planet. They join hands for their own agenda and fight against the heroes. Their "aesthetic of evil" is "the end justifies the means". Even though they fought alongside the heroes to protect planet Cray from other invaders, their action was nothing more than a result of their "aesthetic". They would fight until they annex the planet, the universe, and everything.

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  • The units are believed to be based on Zetton, which known as one of the powerful Kaiju in Ultraman universe.
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