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Zoo (ズー Zuu) is a nation of fertile ecosystem housing the most intelligent animals on the planet, and also the most dangerous criminals.

The Great Nature clan lives in harmony with nature; their headmaster is School Dominator, Apt, and are the most peaceful clan yet revealed.

Opposite to this, the Megacolony insect mafia is headed by a mysterious individual known as the "Queen". Megacolony appears to be based primarily around references to the Shocker organization from Kamen Rider, just as the Dimension Police are a combination of 80s-style Super Robots and Kamen Riders.

Neo Nectar also inhabits the area as Mechanical and Warrior Plants and are represented as elves and dryads including various types of flora and fauna. The leader of Neo Nectar is revealed to be Maiden of Trailing Rose.

This nation's Zeroth Dragon is Zoa.

This nation's Progenitor Dragon is Megaloma

Zoo is the only nation to have all of its Clans make at least one appearance in Season 1 of the anime. 

This nation is represented with the color green.

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